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Microstepping Motor Drives


Microstepping Motor Drives | 3540M

Microstepping Motor Drives

MXN9,690.00 3540M

1 año de garantía
  • DC Bus Voltage 12 to 40 Vdc Motor Supply
  • Switch Selectable Motor Currents from 0.4 to 3.5 A/Phase
  • Optically Isolated 5 Vdc Inputs for Step, Direction and Enable
  • Enable Input to Turn Off Current to the Motor
  • Screw Terminal Connectors
  • MOSFET, Dual H-Bridge, Inaudible PWM Amplifier
  • Pulse Width Modulated Current Control
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The 3540M/MO step motor drivers are microstepping drives with up to 12,800 steps per revolution, with MOSFET three state switching amplifiers and optoisolated circuits. Both drives include 5 optically isolated inputs, and the 3540MO features external speed control, tach output, and internal pots for accel/decel rate along with high/low speed range selection.

The 3540M drive is a step and direction drive, and includes an automatic feature (switch selectable) to lower motor current by 50% anytime the motor is left at rest for more than one second. Additionally there is a switch-selectable self-test which rotates the motor 1/2 revolution in each direction at 100 steps/second. This drive is compatible with PLCs which feature high-speed pulse output, such as our ELC-PLC series and OCS XL series.
Note: the Step, Direction, and Enable inputs are +5V-logic compatible. For operation with +24V signals, a 3600-ohm series resistor is required on each input. See the drive manual for details.

The 3540MO drive has an on-board oscillator which allows the motor speed to be controlled by an analog voltage or external joystick. This drive is ideal for continuous motion applications such as mixers and blenders. A tach output is also available on this drive.

Motor current for both drives is selected from 32 levels by a DIP switch. Microstepping resolution is selectable by DIP switch on the 3540M. On the 3540MO, microstepping resolution is fixed at 12,800 steps/revolution.

Learn more about stepper motors and drives: Introduction to Stepper Motors and Drives

Click here for more info on the ELC series PLC: ELC-PLC Series

Click here for more info on the OCS XL series PLC: OCS XL Series

Power Supply (Required for Drive Operation): Recommended: OMPS150A24
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Disponible en: 4 Semanas
Microstepping step motor drive, 3.5 A/phase, 40 VDC
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
Microstepping step motor drive with digital oscillator
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Stepper drive power supply, 24 VDC, 6.3A
Power Cord-SE
Disponible en: 12 Semanas
AC Power cord with stripped end termination
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Ejemplo de pedido: (1) 3540M Microstepping step motor drive, MXN9,690.00  plus (1) OMHT23-597 NEMA 23 stepper motor, 177oz-in holding torque, MXN2,850.00 , MXN9,690.00 + 2,850.00 = MXN12,540.00

Manuales de Productos:

Descarga 3540M - Step Motor Driver
Descarga 3540MO Series - Step Motor Driver
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