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Rugged Clean Water Immersion Heater—2" NPT Brass Fitting

ARMT-2 Series

Water Immersion Heater | ARMT-2 Series

Water Immersion Heater

MXN32,500.00 ARMT-2155/120V

  • Ideal For Clean Liquids within pH 6 to pH 8 Range
  • Quality Construction with Copper Sheath
  • Models Available with 120V, 208V, 240V, or 480V, 1 Phase Power
  • Integral Thermostat
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The OMEGALUX™ ARMT-2 Series clean water immersion heater feature 2" NPT brass fitting screw plug for direct heating of the process fluid in your tank or vessel. Tested design characteristics assure years of dependable performance.

Please Note: The integral thermostat functions as a temperature control only. This is not a fail safe device. An approved pressure or temperature control should be used with these heaters to assure safe operation. See the Temperature Section for our full selection of control devices.

CAUTION AND WARNING! Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warning.

T-2 Temp.Range (60°-250°F)
Model No.
T-1 Temp.Range (0°-100°F)
Model No.
kW Phase W/in2 No.
Dim. B
in (cm)
ARMT-2155/*ARMT-2155T1/*1.5148112 (30)
ARMT-2205-3/**ARMT-2205-3T1/**215128 (20)
ARMT-2255/***ARMT-2255T1/***2.5148291/2 (20)
ARMT-2305/**ARMT-2305T1/**3148212 (30)
ARMT-2405/***ARMT-2405T1/***4148218 (46)
ARMT-2505/***ARMT-2505T1/***5153219 13/16 (39)
ARMT-2605/***ARMT-2605T1/***61472251/8 (64)
ARMT-2705/***ARMT-2705T1/***7149228 (71)
ARMT-2105/***ARMT-2105T1/***10146240 1/2 (103)
ARMT-2125/240ARMT-2125T1/24012146248 (122)
ARMT-2125/480ARMT-2125T1/24012146248 (122)
ARMT-21505/240ARMT-21505T1/24015150254 (137)
/* Designate voltage; 120, 208, 240 VAC.
/** Designate voltage; 120, 208, 240 480 VAC.
/*** Designate voltage; 208, 240 480 VAC.
To order the unit with the optional E2 enclosure, insert E2 into the part number as shown, ARMT-2255E2T1/240.
* E2 enclosure not intended for use in hazardous areas.
Hacer Pedido(Especifique el Número de Modelo)
Número de parte/Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
2kW heater powered by 480 Vac
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
5kW heater powered by 240Vac
Todas las cantidades que se muestran en MXN

Generador de Número de Parte

Construya su Número de Parte Abajo
Opciónes de Descripción:

(1) kW seleccionar de:
15 para 1.5 kW
20 para 2 kW
25 para 2.5 kW
30 para 3 kW
40 para 4 kW
50 para 5 kW
60 para 6 kW
70 para 7 kW
10 para 10 kW
12 para 12 kW
150 para 15 kW

(2) P/N ARMT-2205-3/** & ARMT-2205-3T1/** seleccionar de:
Nada (dejar el campo en blanco) para Valid for all p/n except ARMT-2205-3/** & ARMT-2205-3T1/**
-3 para Only valid for ARMT-2205-3/** & ARMT-2205-3T1/**

(3) Enclosure seleccionar de:
Nada (dejar el campo en blanco) para General Purpose NEMA-1 rated
E2 para Moisture Tight/Explosion Resistant

(4) Temperature Range seleccionar de:
Nada (dejar el campo en blanco) para Temp Range (60 to 250°F)
T1 para Temp Range (0 to 100°F)

(5) Voltage seleccionar de:
120V para 120 Vac
208V para 208 Vac
240V para 240 Vac
480V para 480 Vac
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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