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Universal 6 Channel 1/4 DIN Controller


Universal 6 Channel 1/4 DIN Controller | Multi-loop Control | CN616A

Universal 6 Channel 1/4 DIN Controller | Multi-loop Control

MXN31,105.00 CN616A

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  • 6 Channel PID Loop
  • Universal TC, RTD and Process Inputs Firmware Selectable
  • User Programmable Alarms Individually Settable per Channel
  • Adjustable Scan Time: 400ms Scan Rate per Channel
  • Ramp & Soak control modes for each zone
  • 2 User Assignable Alarm Relays
  • RS232/RS485 Modbus Communications
  • Password Protection
Controladores de temperatura y proceso y dispositivos de conmutación de potencia - Ver Productos Relacionados


The CN616A is our newest affordable multi-channel process controller offering high accuracy measurement over a wide temperature range. The input, power and communications are isolated allowing for simplified deployment and more reliable operation. The rugged extruded aluminum ¼ DIN case combines with the improved isolation to provide an extremely durable product.

The CN616A is an excellent fit for OEM instrumentation, automotive and aerospace test stand, factory automation, and power generation applications. The universal input supports 9 thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, and N), 2 wire RTDs (Pt 100, Ni 120, Cu 10), DC voltage (0-1 Vdc), and DC current (0 – 24 mA). Both universal AC and Isolated DC power supply options are available and a user selectable RS232 or RS485 serial port interface is standard on all models. A security password can be enabled to prevent front panel tampering of the configuration and all options are software selectable eliminating the need to disassemble your panel to set jumpers. The CN616A supports the measurement and control of 6 independent zones. Independent alarms are available for each zone and each alarm can be configured for above (HI), below (LO) or HI/LO triggering. Alarms conditions are indicated on the display and may be used to activate either of the 2 SPDT alarm outputs. All six zones are independently controlled. Users can select from On/Off, PID and Ramp & Soak control modes for each zone. Each zone can also be set to either Heating or Cooling allowing a wide range of applications in a single package. The auto-tune feature provides an easy way to setup initial control parameters.

Software: The CN616A is most easily configured with Omega Sync, a software tool that enables users to configure device runtime parameters, view process values, and seamlessly export data. At the moment, Omega Sync supports the CN616A and DP606A/DP612A devices and we look to expand its reach to future products. For long-term data storage, our experts recommend using Omega Enterprise Gateway (OEG) that provides a powerful data historian, alarming, visualization and OPC-UA integration.

Number of Zones: 6
Display: 15 mm 7-seg LED
Display Time: 1 to 99s
Scan Time: 400ms
Input Types:
TC: J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, N
    2 wire PT100, 0.00385
    CU10, 0.00427
    NI120, 0.00672
Process: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 1V
Resolution: 1°, 1 mV, 0.01 mA
Accuracy: See Chart Below
ADC: 24-bit Sigma Delta
Control Output: 6 Common Drain DC Pulse Outputs Switches up to 36Vdc and 1A
Internal Control Output Voltage: 5Vdc @25mA per channel
Communications: RS232 and RS485 (User Selectable) Up to 115.2k baud, Modbus Protocol (RTU)
Input Power:
AC Models: 120/240 Vac; 50/60 Hz
DC Models: 9 to 36 Vdc 3 watts maximum
Power to Input:

AC Units: 2.3k Vac (3.2k Vdc)
DC Units: 1.5k Vdc
Power to Alarm Relay: 2.3k Vac (3.2k Vdc)
Power to Serial: 2.3k Vac (3.2k Vdc)
Input to Serial: 500 Vac (720 Vdc)
Alarm Relays:
AC Models:
240 Vac max 5A max load
DC Models: 36 Vdc max 3A max load De-energizes on Alarm Latching or Non-Latching High, Low or Hi/Low
Operating Temp: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Storage Temp: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Panel Cutout: ¼ DIN 92 x 92 mm (3.6 x 3.6")
Dimensions: 95 L x 95 W x 135 Dia mm (3.7 x 3.7 x 5.3")
Min Rear Panel Depth: 140 mm (5.5")
Weight: 725 g (26 oz)
Safety: 2014/35/EU
EMC: 2014/30/EU
RoHS: 2011/65/EU
UL File No: E209855 UL/cUL Listed

Measurement Types and Temperature Ranges Operating Temperature Range
Input Type Description Range "Accuracy (25ºC)" "Accuracy (0 to 50ºC)" "Accuracy (-20 to 70ºC)"
Process Process Voltage 0 to 1000 mV ±1 mV ±1 mV ±1 mV
Process Current 0 to 24.00 mA ±10 µA ±10 µA ±10 µA
J Type T/C J Iron-Constantan -150 to 0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±6.0°C
0 to 1200°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
K Type T/C CHROMEGATM-ALOMEGATM -150 to 0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±5.0°C
0 to 1372°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
T Type T/C Copper-Constantan -150 to 0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±7.0°C
0 to 400°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
E Type T/C CHROMEGATM-Constantan -150 to 0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±5.0°C
0 to 1000°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
R Type T/C Pt/13%Rh-Pt -50 to 0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±6.0°C
0 to 1788°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
S Type T/C Pt/10%Rh-Pt -50 to 0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±5.0°C
0 to1768°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
B Type T/C 30%Rh-Pt/6%Rh-Pt 150 to 700°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±3.0°C
700 to 1820°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C
C Type T/C 5%Re-W/26%Re-W 0 to 2320°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±3.0°C
N Type T/C Nicrosil-Nisil -150 to 0ºC ±1.0°C ±2.0°C ±5.0°C
0 to 1300°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C
RTD 2 Wire  Pt, 0.00385, 100Ω  -200 to 850°C  ±1.0°C  ±1.0°C  ±1.0°C 
RTD 2 Wire  Cu, 0.00427, 10Ω  -200 to 260°C  ±1.0°C  ±1.0°C  ±1.0°C 
RTD 2 Wire  Ni, 0.00672, 120Ω  -80 to 260°C  ±1.0°C  ±1.0°C  ±1.0°C 
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Disponible en: 6 Semanas
¼ DIN multi-channel controller, Power AC, Zone 6
Disponible en: 6 Semanas
¼ DIN multi-channel controller, Power DC, Zone 6
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Nota: While the inputs are universal and can be changed via firmware (no dip switches), all 6 inputs on a given unit must be set to the same type of input for operation.

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