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1/8 DIN Dual Input Indicator/Controller for Differential Temperature Measurement

DP26 Series

Dual Input Temperature Indicator | DP26 Series

Dual Input Temperature Indicator

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5 años de garantía
  • Temperature Displayed as T1-T2, T1 or T2
  • J, K, T or J DIN Thermocouple Input, User Selectable
  • Optional Programmable Analog Output
  • Optional Two Form C , 5 Amp Relays, Each Relay Independently Assignable to T1, T2, or T1-T2
  • One Touch Tuning in Proportional Mode
  • Peak Memory with One-Touch Recall
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The DP26 series are discontinued. Please contact our Sales Engineering department for replacement details.

The DP26 differential temperature meter is a versatile dual input indicator/controller. The touch of a button toggles the display between T1, T2 and T1-T2. Analog output is optional, using any of the three values available. The optional control relays for alarms or on-off control can be tied to T1, T2 or T1-T2. The user selects J, K, T or J DIN thermocouple input from the front panel. The units of measure can be switched between °F and °C with the front panel pushbuttons. The optional analog output can function as retransmission of temperature (assignable to T1, T2, or T1-T2) or be assigned to Setpoint #1 and used as a proportional control output. Setpoint #1 will still continue to operate as a setpoint, while the analog output of either 4-20 mA or 0-10 V can be used to proportionally control an external process.

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Nota: Display and Output Options are not Field Installable.

Manuales de Productos:

Descarga DP26-RTD - Differential Temperature Meter with RTD
Descarga DP26-RTD - Differential Temp Meter - RTD FULL Manual
Descarga DP26-TC - Differential Temp Meter - Thermoocuple Quick Start Manual
Descarga DP26-TC - Differential Temp Meter - Thermoocuple FULL Manual
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