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Multi-Function Meters For Batch Control, Rate Indication And Totalization


Rate Meter, Rate Meters, Totalization Meters, Batch Controllers | DPF6100

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  • Frequency Ratemeter
  • Frequency Ratio
  • Up-Down Totalizer/Batch Controller
  • RS-232C and HI, LO and GO Open-Collector Outputs Standard
  • Dual 8 A Relays (Option)
  • Parallel BCD Output (Option)
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Starting from May 1st 2018, DPF6000 rate meter will be discontinued. Looking for a possible substitute, please contact your local customer engineering for details.

The DPF6000 microprocessor-based, 6-digit 1/8 DIN panel instrument can be configured by front-panel keys or by a personal computer as a frequency meter/tachometer, frequency-ratio meter, period/period-average meter, time-interval/time-interval-average meter, reset stopwatch, and cumulative timer or totalizer/2-stage batch controller. However, the DPF6000 display cannot toggle between rate and total. Two frequency inputs can be used to provide frequency ratio or time-interval measurements only; no other function of the meter can be performed on two inputs. The standard input of the DPF6100 is for two non-isolated TTL/CMOS-level signals with protection to 25 Vdc for use with amplified flowmeter inputs. The DPF6200 provides a 20 Vdc output at up to 16 mA for direct connection to NPN or PNP open-collector or NAMUR sensors. A universal signal conditioner board in the DPF6300 and DPF6400 provides sensor excitation plus low level ac signal amplification, coupling, signal isolation to 350 Vp, and jumper-selectable low-pass filtering, debounce time, and hysteresis. AC sensitivity is +10 mV below 1 kHz. The DPF6300 and DPF6400 can be tied directly to low-level passive magnetic pickups (such as turbine and paddlewheel flow sensors), line voltages up to 240 V rms, and NPN, PNP, NAMUR, or contact-closure sensors. The DPF6300 provides signal conditioning on one channel, while the second channel accepts TTL/CMOS input. The DPF6400 provides signal conditioning on both channels. The DPF-6500 accepts 4-20 mA, 0-10, 0-5, or 0-2 Vdc inputs for totalization/batch control or rate indication with alarms. Five Operating Modes In the frequency meter, the minimum display update rate is equal to 1 period of the frequency input. Thus, very low frequency measurements mean long update times (the unit could be made to wait up to 36 days before registering zero flow, for example). This must be taken into account when using the DPF6000 for very low frequency measurement. The DPF6000 can be set up as frequency-ratio meter, ideal for monitoring flow ratios. The DPF6000 can be set up as an up or down totalizer/2-stage batch controller at rates up to 7 MHz. The display capacity is -99,999 to 999,999 counts, with exponential format up to 9.99 E9. Upon ac power loss, the latest reading is automatically saved in non-volatile RAM and is restored upon return of power.
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Meter for 2 TTL/CMOS Inputs
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Same as DPF6100, with Sensor Excitation for 1 channel
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Meter with Conditioner for One Low Level and one TTL/CMOS Input
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Meter for Analog mA and Voltage Inputs (1 channel)
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Nota: Comes with complete operator’s manual. Power Options: Add suffix “-230V” for 230 Vac. No charge. Add “-10/32” for 10-32 Vdc and add $68 to price. BCD Option: Add suffix “-BCD” for isolated, tri-state, parallel BCD output with connector. Add $142 to price. Relay Option: Add suffix “-R” for dual 8 A form C relays for rate alarms or 2-stage batch control. Includes connector. Add $80 to price. Not compatible with BCD option.
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