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Drum Heaters 55 Gallon Wraparound

FCDH Series

55 Gallon Wraparound Drum Heaters | FCDH Series

55 Gallon Wraparound Drum Heaters

MXN39,530.00 FCDH-1600-120

1 año de garantía
  • 55 Gallon Drum Wraparound
  • Full-Coverage Insulated
  • Easy-to-Use Digital Temperature Controller
  • Audible/Visual Alarm
  • Low-Watt Density
  • Silicone-Coated Fiberglass Facing
  • 25 mm (1") Fiberglass Insulation
  • Metal and Poly Drum Models
  • Safe and Efficient Method of Temp & Viscosity Control
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The FCDH Series consists of full-coverage insulated drum heaters that provide a safe and efficient method of temperature and viscosity control. An easy-to-use digital temperature controller prevents temperature runaway. These heaters use a patented grounded heating element and are designed for indoor use when it is desirable to insulate the entire surface of the drum.

Metal Drums: 10 to 232°C (50 to 450°F)
Poly Drums: 10 to 71°C (50 to 160°F)
Max Exposure Temperature: 260°C (500°F)
Outer Sheath: Silicone-coated fiberglass facing
Inner Sheath: Silicone-coated fiberglass liner
Insulation: 25.4 mm (1") fiberglass
Dielectric Strength: Over 2000V
Power Cord: 1.8 m (6') with plug on 120V models, stripped lead ends on 240V models
Power: 120 or 240 Vac
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Disponible en: 7 Semanas
Drum Heater, 120V, 1600 watt
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
Drum Heater, 120V, 750 watt
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
Drum Heater, 240V, 1600 watt
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
Drum Heater, 240V, 750 watt
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
Drum Heater top cover
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
6' wide strip that expands heater to fit up to a 24.2' diameter drum. Strip is necessary for heater to fit around drums with removable lids.
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Nota: All drum heaters are for 55 gallon size and comes with a digital temperature controller. The 120 Vac models include a 3-prong plug, and the 240 Vac models have stripped leads.

For "Rolling Drums" with removable tops the standard full coverage drum heater may not completely wrap around the drum. For these drums with diameters larger than the standard 22.6" an expander strip may be purchased.

Ejemplo de pedido: (1) FCDH-1600-120 Drum Heater, 120V, 1600 watt, MXN39,530.00  plus (1) FCDH-STRIP 6'' Expander Strip, MXN2,560.00  plus (1) FCDH-TOP Drum Heater top cover, MXN3,380.00, MXN39,530.00 + 2,560.00 + 3,380.00 = MXN45,470.00
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