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Economical Ball Bearing Turbine Flowmeters With 37° Flare Fittings

FTB-200 Series

Economical Ball Bearing Turbine Flowmeters With 37 Degree Flare Fittings | FTB-200 Series

MXN52,900.00 FTB-201

1 año de garantía CE
  • ±0.5% of Reading Accuracy
  • Ball Bearing Design for Economy
  • Deflector Cones Stabilize Low Mass Rotor for Increased Bearing Life
  • NIST Certificate for Water Included
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OMEGA™ FTB-201 Series turbine meters have male flared-end fittings for easy connections. They are built to meet the performance requirements of MS 33656, though they do not carry a military specification. These units come with a mating 2-wire connector and can be supplied with the integrally mounted signal conditioners (Please see the FLSC-18B Series for more information) to provide 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5V, and factored pulse outputs.

Flow Straightening
Proper application of a turbine flowmeter requires that there be a suitable piping section both downstream and upstream of the meter if it is to achieve optimum accuracy. Whereas an inlet straight pipe run of 10 pipe diameters and an outlet straight pipe run of 5 pipe diameters provide the necessary flow conditioning in general, some applications require an upstream flow straightener. Such applications include custody transfer. A flow straightener consists of a section of piping which contains a suitably dimensioned and positioned thin walled tube cluster to eliminate fluid swirl. (see full specifications for "Typical Turbine Meter Installation Drawing".

37° Flare Installation Kits
Installation kits with the required up and downstream straight pipe lengths for proper turbine operation are available. Installation kits for turbine meters with 37° flare end fittings consist of two lengths of stainless steel tubing cut to a length appropriate for the upstream and downstream straight pipe runs and flared at one end. Mating sleeves and nuts are included. The kits can be conveniently butt-welded into the piping system. Flow straightening sections may be provided with the installation kit. Kits are available in tubing sizes from ½ to 2 ½".

Strainers and Filters
Turbine meters are intended for clean fluid service only; where there is any doubt concerning possible particulate impurities in the process fluid, strainers are recommended. A strainer/filter may be required to reduce the potential hazard of fourling or damage that can be caused by foreign matter. Pipe rouge, the extremely fine rust which develops on the inside of some piping, is a serious problem for turbine meters, due to the difficulty in filter out these particles. Consult Omega Flow Engineering Department for applications that may entail pipe rouge.

When using FTB-200 Series units for fluids with viscosities other than 1 centistoke, special calibrations and universal viscosity curves are available, consult OMEGA’s Flow Engineering Department for quote.

Meter Size Mesh Size Maximum Partical Size (in)
1/4 to 1/2" 100 0.0055
5/8 to 1 1/4" 70 0.008
1 1/2 to 2 1/2" 40 0.015

Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading
Repeatability: ±0.1% of reading
Temperature Range: -268 to 232°C (-450 to 450°F)
Maximum Intermittent Overrange: 150% of maximum range
Materials of Construction:
   Body: 304 SS;
   Rotor: 17-4 PH SS
   Bearings: 440C SS
Installation Kits: 340 SS, 1.7 mm (0.065") thick
Electrical: Two-wire connector, included
Max Pressure Drop: 0.34 bar (5 psi)

Model No. 37° Flare
Fitting Size
Linear Range
Operating Pressure
Length Nominal
kg (lb)
FTB-201 3/4-16 UNF-3A 0.35 to 3.5 GPM 5000 psi 62 mm (2.45") 13,000 0.4 kg
(1 lb)
FTB-202 3/4-16 UNF-3A 0.75 to 7.5 GPM 5000 psi 62 mm (2.45") 10,000 0.4 kg
(1 lb)
FTB-203 3/4-16 UNF-3A 1.25 to 9.5 GPM 5000 psi 62 mm (2.45") 6,000 0.4 kg
(1 lb)
FTB-204 7/8-14 UNF-3A 1.75 to 16 GPM 5000 psi 70 mm (2.75") 4,100 0.4 kg
(1 lb)
FTB-205 1-1/16-12 UNF-3A 2.5 to 29 GPM 5000 psi 83 mm (3.25") 2,200 0.4 kg
(1 lb)
FTB-206 1-15/16-12 UNF-3A 4 to 60 GPM 3500 psi 89 mm (3.50") 640 0.9 kg
(2 lb)
FTB-207 1-5/8-12 UNF-3A 6 to 93 GPM 3000 psi 99 mm (3.88") 410 0.9 kg
(2 lb)
FTB-208 1-7/8-12 UNF-3A 8 to 130 GPM 2250 psi 111 mm (4.38") 230 1.4 kg
(3 lb)
FTB-209 2-1/2-12 UNF-3A 15 to 225 GPM 1750 psi 121 mm (4.75") 120 1.8 kg
(4 lb)

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Número de parte/Desc.
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0.35 - 3.5 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
0.75 - 7.5 GPM Linear range water
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
1.25 - 9.5 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
1.75 - 16 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 10 Semanas
2.5 - 29 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
4- 60 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
6- 93 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
8-130 GPM linear range water
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
15-225 GPM linear range water
Signal Conditioners
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Loop powered Signal Conditioner, 4 to 20 mA
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DC powered Signal Conditioner, 4 to 20 mA
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DC powered signal conditioner 4 to 20 mA, alarm CE ATEX
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Signal Conditioner scaled squarewave pulse (50 ms duration)
Installation Kits
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37 Degree Flare Installation Kits for FTB-201, FTB-202, FTB-203. 10" Inlet/5" Outlet Length
Disponible en: Disponible
37 Degree Flare Installation Kit for FTB-204. 10" Inlet/5" Outlet Length
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
37 Degree Flare Installation Kit for FTB-205. 10" Inlet/5" Outlet Length
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
37 Degree Flare Installation Kit for FTB-206. 10" Inlet/5" Outlet Length
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
37 Degree Flare Installation Kit for FTB-207. 14" Inlet/6" Outlet Length
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
37 Degree Flare Installation Kit for FTB-208. 17" Inlet/8" Outlet Length
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
37 Degree Flare Installation Kit for FTB-209. 21" Inlet/9" Outlet Length
Signal Conditioners
Must be ordered as Systems if purchased with a turbine meter. Replace the asterisk in the system part numbers below with the preferred Signal Conditioner; for example : SYS/FTB-201/FLSC-28B
Combine the cost of the Turbine and the cost of the Signal Conditioner to arrive at the system price.
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Nota: Comes complete with a 10-point NIST calibration for 1 centistoke of water and operator's manual.

If an integral signal conditioner is required please order as a system. Omega will scale the signal conditioner to the turbine meter at no additional cost.


: Turbine and Signal Conditioner scaled and assembled at the factory. System includes: Signal Conditioner, Enclosure, Turbine Meter and Fitting, $1782

SYS/FTB-204/FLSC-C3-LIQ: Turbine and Signal Conditioner scaled and assembled at the factory. System includes: Signal Conditioner, Enclosure, Turbine Meter and Fitting, $1,974


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