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Brass Water Turbines

FTB370 Series

Brass Water Turbines | FTB370 Series

Brass Water Turbines

MXN16,660.00 FTB371

1 año de garantía
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Turn Down Ratio
  • High Quality Sapphire Bearing
  • Fixed Pulse Rate
  • NEMA3 (IP54)
  • Low Cost
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The FTB370 Series flow turbines are designed for flow rate measurement of water and many water based liquids. They are compact in design and have a wide measuring range. The liquid flowing into the FTB370 series is divided by guiding blades into four split streams. The uniform loading of the bearings from four sides causes the forces to cancel themselves out and wear gets reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials also ensure an extraordinary life expectancy.

Accuracy: ±3% of reading
Repeatability: ±0.5%
Output: NPN open collector (hall effect)
K-Factor [Pulses/Liter (Pulses/Gallon)]:
    FTB371: 869 (3289)
    FTB372: 68 (258)
    FTB373: 27 (102)
Maximum Temperature: 85°C (185°F) [at 0.689 bar (10 psi)]
Maximum Pressure: 9.997 bar (145 psi) [at 29.4°C (85°F)]
Power Supply: 5 to 24 Vdc (20 mA max)
Cable: 1.5 m (5') [maximum temperature 70°C (158°F)]
Protection: NEMA-3 (IP54)
Maximum Particle Size: 0.508 mm (0.02")
Wetted Materials
Brass Body: CuZn36Pb2 As CW602N
Sensor Housing: Polypropylene Noryl
Magnets: Recona 28 nickel-plated
O-Ring: NBR
Bearings: Sapphire
    FTB371: Arcap AP1D
    FTB372: 316SS
    FTB373: 316SS

Model No. Length
mm (in)
mm (in)
mm (in)
Fittings Range
Pressure Drop
Bar (psi)
FTB371 89 (3.5) 38 (1.5) 58 (2.3) 3/4 NPT 1.9 to 39.4 (0.5 to 10.4) 869 (3289) 2.2 (32)
FTB372 203 (8.0) 51 (2.0) 89 (3.5) 1 NPT 4.2 to 158 (1.1 to 41.6) 68 (258) 0.45 (6.5)
FTB373 292 (11.5) 76 (3.0) 89 (3.5) 1½ NPT 50 to 416 (13.2 to 110) 27 (102) 1.8 (26)
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¾ NPT brass water turbine
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
1 NPT brass water turbine
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1½ NPT brass water turbine
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6-digit rate or total display -115 Vac/7.5 to 13 Vdc powered*
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Nota: Comes complete with operator's manual.

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