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Low Flow Liquid Flowmeters

FTB4700 and FTB4800 Series

Low Flow Liquid Flowmeters | FTB4700 and FTB4800 Series

Low Flow Liquid Flowmeters

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  • Square Wave Output
  • One Moving Part
  • Rugged Nickel-Plated Brass Body or 316 Stainless Steel
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The FTB4700 Series is a plated brass meter ideal for water applications in the ranges 0.2 to 18 GPM. The FTB4800 provides a wide range flow metering in an extremely rugged stainless steel package. Single-jet simplicity combined with high quality jewel bearings result in long life and relatively high tolerance for problem fluids. Typical applications are chemical batching, proportional chemical injection, fertilizer injection, proportioning of spray chemicals, and general flow rate monitoring.

The FTB4700 is available with ½ or ¾" male thread, with union-type meter couplings. The FTB4800 is available with ½, ¾ or 1" female threads. A square wave output makes the FTB4700 or FTB4800 series ideal for many OEM control applications. This signal interfaces easily with programmable logic controllers and computer input boards. The FTB4700 or FTB4800 Series meters can be combined with the DPF701-A panel flow meter for reading flow rate or total flow, with 4 to 20 mA output.

Accuracy: ±1% FS
Maximum Temperature:
    FTB4700: 85°C (185°F)
    FTB4800: 93°C (200°F)
Maximum Pressure:
    FTB4700: 12 bar (175 psi)
    FTB4800: 35 bar (500 psi)
Output: Squarewave
    FTB4700: 5 to 30 Vdc
    FTB4800: 6 to 24 Vdc
Maximum Current: 20 mA
Cable: FTB4700: #22 AWG 3-conductor, 4 m (12')
          FTB4800: #22 AWG 3-conductor, 5.5m (18')
Maximum Cable Run: 650 m (2000')
Maximum Pressure Drop: 15 psig
    FTB4700: nickel-plated brass
    FTB4800: 316 SS
Rotor Chamber:
    FTB4700: brass
    FTB4800: 316 SS rotor cover
    FTB4700: thermoplastic
    FTB4800: PVDF
    FTB4700: Tungsten carbide
    FTB4800: Nickel-bonded tungsten carbide
    FTB4700: water cooled theromplastic
    FTB4800: Ruby ring and ball
    FTB4800: TFE-coated FKM
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Nickel-plated Brass
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308 PPG 1/2 MNPT, 0.2 to 10 GPM
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174 PPG 3/4 MNPT, 0.2 to 18 GPM
316SS Body
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560 PPG 1/2 FNPT, 0.1 to 10 GPM, 316SS Body
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380 PPG 3/4 FNPT, 0.2 to 15 GPM, 316SS Body
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
168 PPG 1 FNPT, 0.5 to 25 GPM, 316SS Body
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1/8" DIN panel meter
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Nota: FTB4700 Series comes complete with 2 MNPT couplings (already installed), one 3.7 m (12') sensor cable with connector, and operator's manual.

FTB4800 Series comes complete with 5.5 m (18') sensor cable and operator's manual.


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