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Laboratory Homogenizers

HMG-10 Series

Laboratory Homogenizers, Homogenizers | HMG-10 Series

Laboratory Homogenizers, Homogenizers

MXN73,370.00 HMG-11S

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  • Powerful
  • Variable Speed
  • 316 Stainless Steel Generators for Sterilization
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Powerful and loaded with features, the HMG-10 Series homogenizer has a 144 watt, high-torque motor with a variable speed adjustment, allowing for homogenization in mere seconds and a maximum noise level of only 68 dB. A separate on/off switch conveniently allows for the slide switch speed control to remain at your ideal homogenizing speed. With quick connect rotor stator generators, ranging from 5 to 20 mm (0.20 to 0.79") in diameter, or with sealed tube chamber assemblies, the HMG-10 series can homogenize samples as small as 0.03 ml or as large as 1 L. The HMG-10 series probes are the better alternative to disposable plastic generator probes. This unique generator probe is manufactured from 316 stainless steel material. This allows for homogenizing samples without cross contamination and without the need to stop and clean a generator between samples. HMG-10 series generator probes can quickly lock into the special adaptor to provide hands-free ejection of the probe, minimizing the chance of accidental contamination.

Dimensions: 5.4 W x 20 H x 5.03 cm D (2.15 x 7.87 x 1.98")
Weight: 0.6 kg (1.4 lb)
Speed Range: 5000 to 35,000 rpm (120V), 5000 to 33,000 rpm (220V)
Power: 144 watt
Sample Volume: 0.03 ml to 1 L*
Noise Rating: 68 dB
Speed Control: Analog variable speed, separate on/off switch
* Recommended maximum sample volume.
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Disponible en: 8 Semanas
Standard micro-homogenizing package, includes HMG-A homogenizer and one 5 x 75mm flat bottom generator probe
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Deluxe micro-homogenizing package, includes HMG-A homogenizer, one 5 x 75 mm flat bottom generator probe, and one 7 x 75mm saw-tooth generator probe
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Premium micro-homogenizing package, includes HMG-A homogenizer, stand, one 5 x 75 mm flat bottom generator probe, and one 7 x 75 mm saw-tooth generator probe
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
Standard homogenizing package, includes HMG-A homogenizer and one 10 x 115 mm saw-tooth generator probe
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
Premium homogenizing package, includes HMG-B homogenizer, stand, one 10 x 115 mm saw-tooth generator probe, and one 20 x 200 mm generator probe
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
Premium multi-generator homogenizing package, includes HMG-A homogenizer, package of 12 7 x 115 mm open slotted generater probe, and adapter
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Nota: Comes complete in a carrying case with operator’s manual.

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To order units with 220VAC Power add -220VAC to the model number no additional charge.
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