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Interface Modules for Digital Probes and Linear Encoders


Interface Modules for Digital Probes and Linear Encoders | LDN232

Interface Modules for Digital Probes and Linear Encoders

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  • Connects to Standard RS-232 Port on PC or PLC
  • Up to 31 Probes on Each Port
  • Mix and Match Digital Gage Probes and Linear Encoders
  • Driver Software for DOS Included
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OMEGA's LDN232 adaptor provides easy connection of GP901 digital gage probes to any device with a full duplex RS232 serial port, such as a computer or PLC. Up to 31 sensors, in any combination, can be connected to a single serial port. Connections are simplified by use of the LDN-CON connector. These ingenious devices can be used individually, daisy-chained using standard computer cable, or plugged together to form multi-channel nests. A free software package includes drivers for DOS as well as example programs, with source code, for popular programming languages. A demonstration program is included showing outputs in numerical and column display format.

Power: 5 Vdc @ 60 mA (+60 mA per probe)
Interface: RS232C or V24/V28
Baud Rate: Up to 115.2 K baud
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Connector: 9-pin D type
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RS232 interface module for use with GP901 gaging probes
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Probe connector for use with GP901 gaging probes
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5 Vdc @ 2 amp power supply (for systems requiring more current than the computer can supply)
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