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Dual Sensor Controller


Dual Sensor Controller | LVCN-20

Dual Sensor Controller

MXN11,050.00 LVCN-20

  • Mounts Directly on Sensor or OMEGA ® Track System
  • Two Sensor Input for Latching Capability
  • Control Automatic Fill or Empty Operations
  • Invert Switch Reverses Process Logic in Response to Sensors
  • Controls Pumps, Actuators and Valves
  • LED Displays Switch, Sensor and Relay Status
  • Latch Switch Adds Process Flexibility
  • Adjustable Time Delay
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The LVCN-20 dual sensor controller is ideal for automatic filling or emptying operations. The controller conveniently mounts to a single sensor or to the sensor track system. This single channel controller offers a latching, automatic fill or empty operation between two sensor inputs. An adjustable time delay feature from 0 to 60 secs. before the relay responds assists in pump and valve protection. The invert and latch switch also expand the flexibility of the controller.
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Dual Sensor Controller
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CE approved dual sensor controller
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
Replacement black strain relief nut, 1/2" conduit connector opening
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Nota: Comes complete with operator's manual.

For CE approved controller, add suffix "-CE" to model number, add $50 to price.

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