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Capacitive (RF) Point Level Switches

LVCN6000_7000 Series

Capacitive (RF) Point Level Switches | LVCN6000_7000 Series

Capacitive (RF) Point Level Switches

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  • Separate Metal Reference Not Required
  • Used for Liquids, Solids, Grains and Pastes
  • Immune to Most Product Build-Up
  • Programmable Time Delay and Sensitivity Adjustment
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The LVCN6000/7000 Series is a capacitance switch ideal for low and high level detection for both liquid and solids. The LVCN6000/7000 Series can also detect level without being in contact with the product through a sight glass. Unlike other capacitance probes, the LVCN6000/7000 series can detect LVCN6000/7000 any type of conductive, nonconductive or low dielectric materials with extremely accurate performance, almost complete immunity from build up, temperature changes or condensation. In applications with plastic or concrete tanks this series does not require an external reference. The sensor operates in a manner that is similar to a simple capacitor. A high frequency oscillator is located within the tip of the probe. When the tip of the probe comes in contact with the medium, the frequency of the oscillation reaches a preset point and the detection circuit signals the switch to change state. The LVCN6000/7000 series is a compact switch that can be made with many types of process connections, such as threaded flange or sanitary. The LVCN6000/ 7000 series is made with rigid rod or cable and both can be supplied in extended versions. The rigid rod is available in PVC or PTFE. Probes are available in 24 Vdc (LVCN7000) or 85 to 240 Vac (LVCN6000) powered versions. Note: These switches are not designed for use with mediums with high dielectrics such as mayonnaise or shampoo with high salt content.

Application: Level switch for liquids solids and granular
Operating Voltage:
    LVCN7000: 12 to 30 Vdc
    LVCN6000: 85 to 240 Vac
Current Consumption: 2 VA (LVCN7000), 4 VA (LVCN6000)
Output: Relay (SPDT) 5A maximum (250 Vac)
Adjustment: Potentiometer switch point
Time Delay: 1 to 20 seconds adjustable
Frequency Oscillation: 5 MHz
Indication: Led status on/off
Electrical Connection: Cable gland ½ NPT conduit
Process Connection: ¾ NPT standard, (1 BSP or NPT, flange or sanitary mounting optional)
Sensor Tip: PVC or PTFE
Enclosure Material:
    LVCN7000: Nylon
    LVCN6000: Aluminum
Maximum Pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
Operating Temperature: -10 to 80°C (14 to 176°F)
Class Protection: NEMA 4 (IP65)
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Disponible en: 6 Semanas
Level switch 316 SS rod/PTFE tip
Disponible en: 6 Semanas
Level switch PVC rod and tip
Disponible en: 6 Semanas
Level switch 316 SS rod/PTFE tip
Disponible en: 6 Semanas
Level switch PVC rod and tip
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Nota: Comes complete with operator’s manual.

For custom versions, consult Omega Flow Engineering for quote.

Additional Mounting options are available, consult Omega Flow Engineering for information.

Standard length is 121mm (4.75") unless otherwise specified. Maximum rigid probe length is 2.5 m (8').

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Opciónes de Descripción:

(1) Power seleccionar de:
6 para 85 to 240 Vac
7 para 24 Vdc

(2) Mounting seleccionar de:
1 para 3/4 BSP Mounting
2 para 3/4 NPT Mounting
3 para 1 BSP Mounting
4 para 1 NPT Mounting
5 para 2 inch Trip-Grip
6 para 2 inch 150#SS ANSI
7 para 2 inch 150# PVC ANSI

(3) Enclosure seleccionar de:
1 para Small nylon (LVCN7000)
2 para Large nylon (LVCN6000)
3 para Small aluminum (LVCN7000)
4 para Large aluminum (LVCN6000)

(4) Construction seleccionar de:
2 para 316 SS rod PTFE tip
3 para Cable PTFE tip
4 para PVC rod and tip
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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