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Reliable Solution Water Type Immersion Heater —2" NPT Fitting

MTI-2 Series

Industrial Water Immersion Heater | MTI-2 Series

Industrial Water Immersion Heater

MXN31,280.00 MTI-215A/120V

  • Durable Incoloy Sheath for Superior Corrosion Protection
  • 2" NPT Stainless Steel Screw Plug
  • 120, 240, 480 V, 1 Phase Power
  • General Purpose-UL Listed Enclosure or Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Enclosure
  • 1.5 to 15kW
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Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warnings.

kW Phase W/in2 No. Htg.
Dim. B
in (cm)
E1 General Purpose Enclosure1 E2 Moisture Res/Explos. Res.2
Model No. Wt.
Ib (kg)
Model No. Wt.
Ib (kg)
1.5148111 7/16 (19)MTI-215A/*3 (1)MTI-215E2/*6 (3)
2148117 1/2 (44)MTI-220A/*4 (2)MTI-220E2/*7 (3)
215127 7/16 (19)MTI-220A-3A/*4 (2)MTI-220-3E2/*7 (3)
2.515228 1/2 (22)MTI-225A/*4 (2)MTI-225E2/*7 (3)
3148211 7/16 (29)MTI-230A/*5 (2)MTI-230E2/*8 (4)
4148217 1/2 (44)MTI-240A/*5 (2)MTI-240E2/*8 (4)
5147219 1/4 (48)MTI-250A/*5 (2)MTI-250E2/*8 (4)
6147224 19/32(62)MTI-260A/**5 (2)MTI-260E2/**8 (4)
7149227 1/2 (70)MTI-270A/**6 (3)MTI-270E2/**9 (4)
10146240 1/32 (102)MTI-2100A/**8 (4)MTI-2100E2/**11 (5)
12146247 9/16 (121)†MTI-2120A/**8 (4)†MTI-2120E2/**11 (5)
15150253 19/32 (136)†MTI-2150A/**8 (4)†MTI-2150E2/**11 (5)
/*Insert 120V for 120 Vac, 240V for 240 Vac, 480V for 480 Vac.
/**Insert 240V for 240 Vac, 480V for 480 Vac.
1 Heaters with General Purpose Enclosures are UL Listed and CSA Certified except models with † (exceeds 48 amps).
2 Heaters with Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Enclosures are CSA NRTL/C certified and are not intended for use in hazardous areas. Except models with † (exceeds 48 amps).

NOTE: When using the "Part Number Builder' not all combinations may be valid, check spec sheet
and table above for valid combinations.
Hacer Pedido(Especifique el Número de Modelo)
Número de parte/Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
Heater, 1.5 kW, 120 V, general purpose enclosure
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
Heater, 6kW, 240V, general purpose enclosure
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
Heater, 2.5 kW, 240 V, general purpose enclosure

Ordenar Por Número de Parte

Número de parte
Número de parte

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Generador de Número de Parte

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Opciónes de Descripción:

(1) Wattage seleccionar de:
15 para 1.5 kW
20 para 2 kW
25 para 2.5 kW
30 para 3 kW
40 para 4 kW
50 para 5 kW
60 para 6 kW
70 para 7 kW
100 para 10 kW
120 para 12 kW
150 para 15 kW

(2) Enclosures seleccionar de:
A para General Purpose Enclosures
E2 para Moisture Resistant/Explosion

(3) Number of Heating Elements seleccionar de:
Nada (dejar el campo en blanco) para All models except MTI-220A-3A
-3A para 2 Heating Elements (for MTI-220A-3A Only)

(4) Voltage seleccionar de:
120V para 120 Vac (Only available for models with kW less than 6)
240V para 240 Vac
480V para 480 Vac
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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