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RS-485 to RS-232 Interface Converter


RS-485 to RS-232 Interface Converter | OM-CONV-SER

RS-485 to RS-232 Interface Converter

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  • Converts RS-232 Data Transmit (TXD) and Data Receive (RXD) Into Balanced Half-Duplex RS-485
  • Powered From RS-232 Port
  • Data Rates Up to 115,200 BPS
  • Point to Multi-Point, Up to 32 RS-485 Devices Can Be Connected
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The OM-CONV-SER is an RS-485 half-duplex to RS-232 converter. It is powered from the computer’s serial (COM) port so no external power is required. This unit is small in size, has a long transmission distance, can handle high data rates, is very stable in performance and connects to a standard DB9 serial (COM) port. The converter can be used in a wide range of applications including industrial automatic control and measuring systems and PLC applications.

Compatible with EIA/TIA RS-232C and RS-485 standards
Data Rate: Up to 115,200 BPS
Transmission Distance: 1200 m (4000') on RS-485 side;
5 m (15') on RS-232 side
RS-232 DB9F Pin Assignments (DCE): Pin 1 (DCD), Pin 2 (TD), Pin 3 (RD),
Pin 4 (DTR), Pin 5 (GND), Pin 6 (DSR), Pin 7 (RTS), Pin 8 (CTS)
RS-485 DB9F Pin Assignments: Pin 2 (RS-485-), Pin 7 (RS-485+),
Pin 5 (GND); mating screw terminal block included for RS-485 connections
Operating Ambient: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), 5 to 95% RH non-condensing
Dimensions: 62 L x 32 W x 16 mm D
(2.4 x 1.3 x 0.6")
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RS-485 to RS-232 interface converter
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