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Rugged Infrared Thermocouple 17° (3:1) Field of View Integral Air Cool/Purge Head

OS36-3 Series

Rugged Infrared Thermocouple | OS36-3 Series

Rugged Infrared Thermocouple

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1 año de garantía CE
  • High Quality Infrared Thermocouple
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3:1 Field of View
  • Built-in Air Purge
  • J, K, E or T Thermocouple Output Signal
  • Self-Powered
  • Temperature Compensated
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The OS36-3 Series is ideal for use in paint or ink environments which require the sensor to be mounted remotely from the target. In addition to the ruggedness and ease-of-use of the original OS36 Series, the new OS36-3 Series is hermetically sealed and is equipped with an internal air cool/purge system. As do all infrared thermocouples, this new series exceeds all applicable NEMA standards and is intrinsically safe when used with appropriate intrinsic safety barriers.

Range CodeTemperature Range (2% accuracy)
50F-18 to 27°C (0 to 80°F)
80F10 to 49°C (50 to 120°F)
98.6F16 to 39°C (60 to 102°F)
140F25 to 80°C (80 to 180°F)
180F70 to 104°C (160 to 220°F)
240F95 to 130°C (200 to 270°F)
280F125 to 155°C (260 to 310°F)
340F145 to 175°C (290 to 350°F)
440F170 to 250°C (340 to 480°F)

Accuracy: ±2% of nominal range; blackbody source
Repeatability: ±1% rdg
Temperature Coefficient: ±0.02% nominal range per °F
Temperature Compensation Range: Complies with ASTM standards over 27 to 93°C (80 to 200°F) range
Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -18 to 85°C (0 to 185°F) with internal cold junction compensation
Air Purge: Built-in
Ambient Temperature Compensation: With air flow of 1.1 SCFM (20 psig), max is 120°C (248°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -45 to 121°C (-50 to 250°F)
Response Time: 80 ms
Spectral Response: 6.5 to 14 microns
Range: -45 to 650°C (-50 to 1200°F)†
Field of View: 17° (3:1)
Minimum Spot Size: 6 mm (0.35")
Output Impedance: 4 to 8kΩ (varies by model)
Dimensions: 45 L x 13 mm Dia. (1.76 x 0.50"); 0.9 m (36") PFA coated lead wires
Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) with cable
†See chart for linear ranges. Measurement is practical beyond thermocouple table values by use of radiation laws. Polynomials available upon request.

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Rugged IR thermocouple sensor type T, with 10 to 49°C/80 to 180°F range
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Rugged IR thermocouple sensor type T, with 26 to 82°C (80 to 180°F) range
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Rugged IR thermocouple sensor type T, with 70 to 104°C/160 to 220°F range
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(1) Thermocouple Type seleccionar de:
J para Type J
K para Type K
T para Type T
E para Type E

(2) Temperature Range seleccionar de:
50F para –18 to 27°C/0 to 80°F
80F para 10 to 49°C/50 to 120°F
98.6F para 16 to 39°C/60 to 102°F
140F para 25 to 80°C/80 to 180°F
180F para 70 to 104°C/160 to 220°
240F para 95 to 130°C/200 to 270°F
280F para 125 to 155°C/260 to 310°F
340F para 145 to 175°C/290 to 350°F
440F para 170 to 250°C/340 to 480°F

(3) Connector Type seleccionar de:
Nada (dejar el campo en blanco) para Standard Unit
-GMP para Subminiture low-noise T/C connector pair
-GST para Standard size low-noise T/C connector pair
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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