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Air Pressure Regulators for High Flow Applications

PRG700 Series

PRG700 Air Pressure Regulators | PRG700 Series

PRG700 Air Pressure Regulators

MXN3,195.00 PRG700-2

1 año de garantía
  • High Flow Capacity, up to 80 scfm
  • Output Pressure Insensitive to Flow Changes
  • Can Be Serviced Without Removing from Air Line
  • Insensitive to Changes in Flow
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The OMEGA PRG700 Series regulators are designed for applications that require high flow capacity and accurate process control. A poppet valve balanced by a rolling diaphragm insures a constant output pressure even during wide supply pressure variations. Stability of regulated pressure is maintained under varying flow conditions through the use of an aspirator tube, which adjusts the air supply in accordance with the flow velocity.

Flow Capacity: See performance curves on spec sheet
Exhaust Capacity: 4 scfm [outlet pressure 5 psi > set pressure]
Sensitivity: 1/8 in (3.2 mm) H2O
Supply Pressure Effect: < 0.1 psi for 100 psi change
Air Consumption (Steady State): From 1.0 to 12.5 scfh
Supply Pressure: 250 psig (17.5 bar) maximum
Operating Temperature: -40 to 71°C (-40 to 160°F)
Weight: 0.74 kg (1.625 lb)
Mounting: Pipe, panel, or optional bracket
Port Sizes: 1/4 NPT female
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0 to 2 psi (0 to 0.15 bar) output pressure
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0 to 15 psi (0 to 1.0 bar) output pressure
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Disponible en: 9 Semanas
0 to 30 psi (0 to 2.0 bar) output pressure
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Disponible en: 5 Semanas
0 to 60 psi (0 to 4.0 bar) output pressure
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Disponible en: 10 Semanas
0 to 150 psi (0 to 10 bar) output pressure
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Disponible en: 9 Semanas
Mounting Bracket
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Nota: Each unit comes complete with operator's manual.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) PRG700-30 high flow regulator with 0 to 30 psi range, and 1/4 NPT fittings, MXN2,955.00
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