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Pressure Transmitter
with Lightning Protected Amplifier Housing
Very High Accuracy

PX01 with Protection Head

Very High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter with Lightning Protected Amplifier Housing | PX01 with Protection Head

MXN40,325.00 PX01K5-015GI

  • 0.05% Linearity
  • Lightning Protectred Junction Box
  • 5-Point NIST Traceable Calibration Provided
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Double Diaphragm Design for Harsh Environments
  • Available in Gage, Absolute, Sealed Gage, psi and Metric Ranges
  • Optional Pressure Ports to Fit Most Industrial Applications
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OMEGA's PX01 Series transducers are very high-accuracy industrial pressure transmitters. The all stainless steel construction and hermetically sealed case make them suitable for harsh environments. They are true high accuracy devices, with a "double diaphragm" design for high reliability in industrial areas. A broad temperature-compensated range of 16 to 71°C (60 to 160°F) and a high operating range to 121°C (250°F) make these transducers very stable in applications with fluctuating temperatures. The PX01 is available in gage, absolute, or sealed models as well as in psi or metric ranges. NPT and 7/16-20 O-ring seal fittings are available for industrial and hydraulic applications.

4 to 20 mA
Excitation: 12 to 40 Vdc
Output: 4 to 20 mA ±10% adj
Zero Balance: +4 mA +10% -2% adj
Linearity: ±0.05% FS
Hysteresis: ±0.05% FS
Repeatability: ±0.05% FS
Sensing Element: 4-active-arm bridge, using thick-film strain gages in a hermetically sealed “double diaphragm” chamber (except gage units)
Operating Temp Range: -46 to 121°C (-50 to 250°F)
Compensated Temp Range: 16 to 71°C (60 to 160°F)
Thermal Effects:
Span: 0.003% FS/°F
Zero: 0.003% FS/°F
Proof Pressure: 150% of rated pressure
Burst Pressure: 300% of rated pressure
Wetted Parts: 17-4 PH stainless steel
Pressure Port: Ranges <10,000 psi: 7/16-20 UNF female; also available: 1/4-18 NPT M/F; ranges ≥10,000 psi = 9/16-18, 1/4" HP tube
Electrical Connection: Lightning protected amplifier housing
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Disponible en: 8 Semanas
0-15 PSIG transducer with 4-20mA output, 7/16-20 female fitting, and a lightening protected amplifier box
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
0-20 PSIA transducer with 4-20mA output, 7/16-20 female fitting, and a lightening protected amplifier box
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
0-100 PSIG transducer with 4-20mA output, 7/16-20 male fitting, and a lightening protected amplifier box
Disponible en: 8 Semanas
0-10,000 PSIG transducer with 4-20mA output, 1/4" high pressure tube fitting, and a lightening protected amplifier box
Todas las cantidades que se muestran en MXN
Nota: 2 and 5 psi Ranges available only on amplified output. 1/4 HP Tube Fitting supplied for ranges 10,000 psi and above.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) PX01K5-015GI is a 0-15 PSIG model with 4-20mA output, 7/16-20 female fitting, and a lightening protected amplifier box, MXN40,325.00

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Opciónes de Descripción:

(1) Pressure Fitting seleccionar de:
C para 1/4-18 NPT-M
D para 1/4-18 NPT-F
J para 7/16-20 UNF-M
K para 7/16-20 UNF-F
S para 1/4 HP Tube Fitting

(2) Electrical Termination seleccionar de:
0 para 10 foot cable
1 para PT1H-10-6P connector (mating connector sold separately)
5 para Lightening protected amplifier box (4-20 ma only)

(3) Pressure Range (PSI) seleccionar de:
002 para 0-2 psi
005 para 0-5 psi
010 para 0-10 psi
015 para 0-15 psi
020 para 0-20 psi
025 para 0-25 psi
050 para 0-50 psi
075 para 0-75 psi
100 para 0-100 psi
150 para 0-150 psi
200 para 0-200 psi
250 para 0-250 psi
300 para 0-300 psi
500 para 0-500 psi
750 para 0-750 psi
1K para 0-1000 psi
1.5K para 0-1500 psi
2K para 0-2000 psi
3K para 0-3000 psi
3.5K para 0-3500 psi
5K para 0-5000 psi
7.5K para 0-7500 psi
10K para 0-10000 psi
20K para 0-20000 psi
30K para 0-30000 psi

(4) Units seleccionar de:
A para Absolute Pressure
G para Gage Pressure
S para Sealed Gage Pressure

(5) Output seleccionar de:
V para mV/V Output
5T para 0-5 Volt Output
5Z para Isolated 0-5 Volt Output
10T para 0-10 Volt Output
I para 4-20 mA Output
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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