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Special Tip Thermocouple Probes with Quick Disconnect or Integral Handles, ProbeTips for Penetration

QD & HPS Series

Special Tip Thermocouple Probes with  Quick Disconnect or Integral Handles | QD & HPS Series

MXN2,400.00 QD-NP-K-316G-12

  • Perfect for Handheld Thermocouple Meters
  • Thermocouple Types: J, K, T, or E
  • 12" Probe Length Standard. Other Lengths Available.
  • Quick Disconnect Probes Supplied with Mating Connector and Cable Clamp
  • Handle Probes have 1' Retractable Cable that Stretches to 5'
  • These Special Tip Probes Supplement the General Purpose and Utility Handle Probes
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Penetration Probe
Conical tip for insertion into soft and semi-frozen material. Made from 4.5mm (3/16") O.D. 304 SS. 300 mm (12") length, grounded junction. Tip rated to 900°C (1650°F).

Fast Response Probe
Special reduced diameter 1.5 mm (1/16") tip designed for fast response. Rugged 3 mm (1/8") O.D. 304 SS sheath. 300 mm 12") length, grounded junction. Tip rated to 900°C (1650°F).

Flexible Tip Surface Probe
Flexible tip conforms to most surfaces for fast, repeatable, accurate measurements. Made from RTV silicone rubber for good thermal contact. 6 mm (1/4") O.D. 304SS sheath. 300 mm 12") length, exposed junction. Tip rated to 260°C (500°F). Note: subjecting sensor tip to temperatures above 315°C 600°F) will result in tip damage.

Air Probe
Exposed element protected by 4.5 mm (3/16") O.D. 304 sheath. Drilled end exposes bead to airflow for fast measurements. Constant diameter for easy insertion or mounting into duct work. 300 mm (12") length, exposed junction. Rated to 870°C (1600°F).

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Disponible en: 3 Semanas
Penetration probe, type J, 3/16" O.D., grounded, 12" length with quick disconnect
Disponible en: 3 Semanas
Fast Response probe, type K, 1/8" O.D., grounded, 12" length with integral handle style
Disponible en: Disponible
Flexible tip surface probe, type E, 1/4" O.D., exposed, 12" length with quick disconnect
Disponible en: Disponible
Fast Response probe, type T, 3/16" O.D., exposed, 12" length with integral handle style
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Nota: Other lengths and diameters are also available. Consult Custom Engineering for details.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) HPS-RT-K-18G-12 reduced tip fast response probe, type K, integral handle style, MXN3,020.00

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(1) Handle Type seleccionar de:
QD para Quick Disconnect
HPS para Integral Handle

(2) Probe Type seleccionar de:
NP para Penetration Probe
FSP para Flexible Tip Surface Probe
RT para Fast Response Probe
AP para Air Probe

(3) Calibration Type seleccionar de:
J para Type J
K para Type K
E para Type E
T para Type T

(4) Sheath Diameter seleccionar de:
316 para 3/16 Inch for NP & AP
14 para 1/4 Inch for FSP
18 para 1/8 Inch for RT

(5) Thermocouple Junction seleccionar de:
G para Grounded for NP & RT
E para Exposed for FSP & AP
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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