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High Performance Stepper Drives with Integrated Power Supply

STAC6 Series

High Performance Stepper Drives | STAC6 Series

High Performance Stepper Drives

MXN54,555.00 STAC6-Si

1 año de garantía CE
  • Current Output 0.5 to 6.0 A
  • 90 to 135 Vac Input
  • 220 Vac model available
  • Configurable Idle Current Reduction
  • Pulse and Direction
  • Analog Command Signal
  • Host Command via RS232/485
  • Fault Protection:
      – Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage
      – Over-Temp
      – External Output Shorts
      – Internal Amplifier Shorts
      – Motor Regeneration
  • Stand-Alone Programming on Si Model
  • Microstepping up to 51,200 Steps/Revolution
  • Sample Motion Programs Available by Request
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The STAC6 represents the latest developments in stepper drive technology, incorporating advanced features that will derive the highest performance from today’s stepper motors. Its Anti-Resonance and Waveform Damping control algorithms make it a clear market leader. The "-S" models are step and direction drives, compatible with PLCs which feature high-speed pulse output, such as our ELC-PLC series and OCS XL series. The "-Si" models are stand-alone programmable drives which are programmed with the simple-to-use Si Programmer software. Both the "-S" and "-Si" models can be controlled by sending serial commands in a simple ASCII format, the Si Command Language (SCL). SCL allows for control via serial commands sent from a host device such as a PC or PLC. This permits the user to perform a variety of motion, I/O, and system status tasks in real time via a host serial device.

All STAC6 drives feature a built-in power supply. Some of the advanced features of the STAC6 include:

Self Test and Auto Setup: At start-up the drive measures motor parameters, including the resistance and inductance, then uses this information to optimize the system performance. It also compares this information from the last configuration and checks to see if the motor data has changed (this could indicate a fault or system change). The drive can also detect open and short circuits.

Anti-resonance: A disadvantage of the step motor is a tendency to "resonate" at some frequency. By entering some system data this natural frequency can be calculated and a damping term entered into the control algorithm. This significantly improves midrange stability and allows higher speeds and more use of the available torque.

Command Signal Smoothing: Dynamic smoothing can soften the effect of immediate changes in velocity and direction, making the motion of the motor less jerky. An added advantage is that it can reduce the wear on mechanical components.

Torque Ripple Smoothing: All step motors have an inherent low speed torque ripple that can affect the motion of the motor. By analyzing this torque ripple the system can apply a negative harmonic to negate this effect, giving the motor much smoother motion at low speed.

Si Programmer
Intended for use in stand-alone applications, Si (Simple Indexer) Programmer provides quick, out-of-the-box use with an extremely friendly, point-and-click graphical interface that does not require any software programming experience. Once an Si program has been constructed and downloaded to the drive, the program can be executed stand-alone at power-up or from an external trigger. Constructing a program is accomplished through the use of instructions selected in a point-and-click manner. Once an instruction is selected, a "fill in the blanks" format is used to input parameters.

Constructing an Si program requires no prior programming experience nor does it require learning a programming language. Si Programmer generates the actual motion control program, based on user selected parameters, thereby eliminating syntax errors. Once created, programs are easily downloaded, uploaded, saved and printed.

Si Programmer also provides the capability to control digital inputs and outputs, useful for interfacing with external equipment like PLCs, sensors, end-of-travel switches, and more. Si Programmer has found success in all types of applications, from simple linear actuator applications to complete machine control with operator interface applications.

NOTE: Power cord not included. See Accessories below to order.
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High performance stepper drive complete with AC power supply
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
High performance stepper drive complete with AC power supply and Si Programmer™
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
High performance stepper drive complete with 220V AC power supply
Disponible en: 7 Semanas
High performance stepper drive complete with 220V AC power supply and Si Programmer™
Recommended Motors
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NEMA 23, 255 oz-in holding torque, shielded cable
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
NEMA 34, 650 oz-in holding torque, shielded cable
Disponible en: Disponible
NEMA 34, 1845 oz-in holding torque, shielded cable
Terminal Connector Breakout Boards
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Terminal Connector Board for STAC6 In/Out1
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Terminal Conn. Board for STAC6-Si In/Out2
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Operator interface (for use with -Si models)
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USB to RS232 Interface Converter; USB-A to DB9-male
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USB to RS232 converter; works with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
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USB to RS-422/485/530 Interface Converter
Disponible en: 6 Semanas
DB25F/DB9M cable (DB9 RS-485 pinout)
Power Cord-SE
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AC Power cord with stripped end termination
Power Cord-SE-M16
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8' Power cord with M16 cable gland strain relief, 3x16 AWG, 250Vac max.
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Replacement programming cable (comes with drive)
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Replacement MMI and/or HUB communications cable (comes with MMI-01 and HUB 444)
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DIN rail interface module, 9-pin
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DIN rail interface module, 25-pin
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DSUB cable, 9-pin, 2 m (6.6'), male/female connectors
Disponible en: Disponible
DSUB cable, 25-pin, 2 m (6.6'), male/female connectors
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Nota: Programming/configuration cable included. Software is a free download; click on "Software" icon below the picture. To see torque-speed curves for recommended motors, click on "Specs" above.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) OM-CONV-USB USB to RS-232 Interface Converter, MXN765.00  plus (1) OMHT23-550 NEMA 23 stepper motor, 255oz-in holding torque, MXN7,095.00  plus (1) STAC6-S High performance stepper drive with AC power supply, MXN43,655.00, MXN765.00 + 7,095.00 + 43,655.00 = MXN51,515.00

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