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Laboratory Stirrer Hot Plates

STR-11 Series

Laboratory Stirrer Hot Plates | STR-11 Series

Laboratory Stirrer Hot Plates

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These general purpose stirrers are a cost efficient and worry free solution for any lab. Our stirrers offer a soft start stir control which helps prevent stir bar disengagement and possible disruption to the solution even when the stir control is turned to maximum quickly. Sophisticated safety features: Ceramic microcrystal plate, which are more chemical, high temperature and acid resistant, the spill prevention system outer case design.

Plate Dimensions, mm (inch)
    STR-11: 160 x 160 (6.3 x 6.3)
    STR-12: 300 x 300 (11.8 x 11.8)
Heated Area Dimensions, mm (inch)
    STR-11: 120 x 120 (4.72 x 4.72)
    STR-12: 220 x 220 (8.66 x 8.66)
Heated Power
    STR-11: 550 W
    STR-12: 1800 W
Maximum Plate Temperature
    STR-11: 550°C (1022°F)
    STR-12: 550°C (1022°F)
Stirrer Speed (rpm): 100 to 1500
Stirring Capacity, Maximum (Liters): 20
Dimensions, mm (inch)
    STR-11: 220 W x 240 L x 145 D (8.66 x 9.44 x 5.7)
    STR-12: 330 W x 380 L x 145 D (13 x 14.9 x 5.7)
Net Weight, kg (lb)
    STR-11: 3.6 (7.9)
    STR-12: 8.5 (18.7)
Power Supply: 120V, 60 Hz
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Ceramic top stirrer
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Microcrystal top stirrer hot plate
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Ceramic top stirrer
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Nota: All units are supplied with stir bar and mains lead.
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