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Terminal Block Probes, Color Coded for J, K, E, and T Thermocouples

TB-(*) Series

Terminal Block Thermocouples Probes | TB-(*) Series

Terminal Block Thermocouples Probes

MXN1,750.00 TB-ICIN-116G-12

  • 304, 310, 316, 321SS, Inconel or Super OMEGACLAD™ XL Sheath
  • Color-Coded Terminal Block
  • Single Element Design Standard
  • Quick Hook-up Design
  • Glass-Filled Nylon Block Rated to 220°C (425°F)
  • 300, 600 or 900 mm (12, 24, or 36") Lengths Standard †
  • Made with Special Limits of Error Material
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Probes can be used for direct immersion, or can be mounted with an OMEGALOK™ compression fitting.

 Thermocouple Alloy   Sheath Dia 
 Model Number 
300mm(12in) Length
 Model Number 
600mm(24in) Length
 Model Number 
900mm(36in) Length
Inconel Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-ICIN-116(*)-12 TB-ICIN-116(*)-24 TB-ICIN-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-ICIN-18(*)-12 TB-ICIN-18(*)-24 TB-ICIN-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-ICIN-316(*)-12 TB-ICIN-316(*)-24 TB-ICIN-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-ICIN-14(*)-12 TB-ICIN-14(*)-24 TB-ICIN-14(*)-36
304SS Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-ICSS-116(*)-12 TB-ICSS-116(*)-24 TB-ICSS-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-ICSS-18(*)-12 TB-ICSS-18(*)-24 TB-ICSS-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-ICSS-316(*)-12 TB-ICSS-316(*)-24 TB-ICSS-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-ICSS-14(*)-12 TB-ICSS-14(*)-24 TB-ICSS-14(*)-36
Inconel Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-CAIN-116(*)-12 TB-CAIN-116(*)-24 TB-CAIN-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-CAIN-18(*)-12 TB-CAIN-18(*)-24 TB-CAIN-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-CAIN-316(*)-12 TB-CAIN-316(*)-24 TB-CAIN-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-CAIN-14(*)-12 TB-CAIN-14(*)-24 TB-CAIN-14(*)-36
304SS Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-CASS-116(*)-12 TB-CASS-116(*)-24 TB-CASS-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-CASS-18(*)-12 TB-CASS-18(*)-24 TB-CASS-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-CASS-316(*)-12 TB-CASS-316(*)-24 TB-CASS-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-CASS-14(*)-12 TB-CASS-14(*)-24 TB-CASS-14(*)-36
Inconel Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-CXIN-116(*)-12 TB-CXIN-116(*)-24 TB-CXIN-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-CXIN-18(*)-12 TB-CXIN-18(*)-24 TB-CXIN-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-CXIN-316(*)-12 TB-CXIN-316(*)-24 TB-CXIN-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-CXIN-14(*)-12 TB-CXIN-14(*)-24 TB-CXIN-14(*)-36
304SS Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-CXSS-116(*)-12 TB-CXSS-116(*)-24 TB-CXSS-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-CXSS-18(*)-12 TB-CXSS-18(*)-24 TB-CXSS-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-CXSS-316(*)-12 TB-CXSS-316(*)-24 TB-CXSS-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-CXSS-14(*)-12 TB-CXSS-14(*)-24 TB-CXSS-14(*)-36
Inconel Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-CPIN-116(*)-12 TB-CPIN-116(*)-24 TB-CPIN-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-CPIN-18(*)-12 TB-CPIN-18(*)-24 TB-CPIN-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-CPIN-316(*)-12 TB-CPIN-316(*)-24 TB-CPIN-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-CPIN-14(*)-12 TB-CPIN-14(*)-24 TB-CPIN-14(*)-36
304SS Sheath
1.5 (1/16") TB-CPSS-116(*)-12 TB-CPSS-116(*)-24 TB-CPSS-116(*)-36
3.0 (1/8") TB-CPSS-18(*)-12 TB-CPSS-18(*)-24 TB-CPSS-18(*)-36
4.5 (3/16") TB-CPSS-316(*)-12 TB-CPSS-316(*)-24 TB-CPSS-316(*)-36
6.0 (1/4") TB-CPSS-14(*)-12 TB-CPSS-14(*)-24 TB-CPSS-14(*)-36
* Specify junction type: E (exposed), G (grounded) or U (ungrounded).

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Disponible en: 5 Semanas
Color-coded terminal block probe, type J, inconel sheath, 1/16 " O.D., 12" long, exposed junction
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Color-coded terminal block probe, type J, inconel sheath, 1/16 " O.D., 24" long, exposed junction
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
Color-coded terminal block probe, type K, inconel sheath, 1/4 " O.D., 12" long, grounded junction
Disponible en: 5 Semanas
Color-coded terminal block probe, type K, inconel sheath, 1/4 " O.D., 36" long, ungrounded junction
Todas las cantidades que se muestran en MXN
Nota: To order 321 Stainless Steel Sheath, change the "SS" in the model Number to "321SS"; no additional charge.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) TB-CASS-14G-12 color-coded terminal block probe, type K (CHROMEGA™ -ALOMEGA™ ), 304 SS sheath, 1/ 4 " O.D., 12" long, grounded junction, MXN2,050.00

Generador de Número de Parte

Construya su Número de Parte Abajo
Opciónes de Descripción:

(1) Thermocouple Type seleccionar de:
IC para J type
CA para K type
CX para E type
CP para T type

(2) Sheath Material seleccionar de:
IN para Inconel
SS para Stainless steel
XL para Super Omegaclad

(3) Sheath Diameter seleccionar de:
116 para 1/16 inch
18 para 1/8 inch
316 para 3/16 inch
14 para 1/4 inch

(4) Thermocouple Junction seleccionar de:
E para Exposed
G para Grounded
U para Ungrounded

(5) Sheath Length seleccionar de:
12 para 12 inch
24 para 24 inch
36 para 36 inch
Nota: Todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, revise la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos
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