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Flanged Immersion Heaters with Custom Size and Shape Flanges, 7" Diameter Flange Standard, 240, 480 Vac Power, 1 Phase and 240, 480 Vac Power, 3 Phase

TPN6 Series

Flanged Immersion Heaters with Custom Size and Shape Flanges | TPN6 Series

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Custom Immersion Heaters
This design consists of tubular heating elements silver brazed or TIG welded to a flange cut from steel or stainless steel plate. Flange plate size, thickness and shape are determined by the application. A fiber gasket is supplied with each heater. This type construction also lends itself to be easily and economically engineered into new equipment.

Model No. Approx Weight Element Sheath Material KW Watt Density B
240V-1Ph 240V-3Ph 480V-1Ph 480V-3Ph kg lb Watt/cm2 Watt/in2 mm inch
TPN01460 TPN01461 TPN01462 TPN01463 2.7 6 Incoloy® 800 3 3.7 24 448 1758
TPN01347 TPN01339 TPN01464 TPN01465 2.3 5 4.5 7.8 50 314 1238
TPN01348 TPN01198 TPN01349 TPN01223 2.7 6 9 10.8 70 454 1778
TPN01304 TPN01466 TPN01467 2.7 6 12 10.8 70 581 2278
Ordering Example: TPN01461, 3 KW, 240 Vac, 3 phase flanged immersion heater.
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240V-3Ph, Element Sheath Material; Incoloy 800, KW 3
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480V-1Ph, Element Sheath Material; Incoloy 800, KW 4.5
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480V-3Ph, Element Sheath Material; Incoloy 800, KW 12

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