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Digital Rotating Torque Sensor, Shaft to Shaft Configuration


Digital Rotating Torque Sensor, Shaft to Shaft Configuration | TQ514

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  • No Slip Rings for Quiet, High Speed Operation Up to
    10,000 RPM
  • Amplifed ±5 Vdc Output for Easy Computer Interface
  • Optional Optical Encoder for Angle or Speed Measurement
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The TQ514 Series use a unique digital, non-contact wireless system to supply power to and transmit the signal from the rotating sensor. The digital torque signal is then converted and amplified to a ±5 Vdc analog signal. This system reduces noise and allows for higher operating speeds. An optional 512 ppr optical encoder is available to measure angle or speed.

Excitation Voltage: 12 to 15 Vdc
Supply Current: 350 mA see (PST Series for power supply)
Output at Full Scale: Isolated ±5 Vdc
Sample Rate: 20,000 samples per second
Bandwidth: dc to 1 kHz
Linearity: 0.10% FS
Hysteresis: 0.10% FS
Zero Balance: 1.0% FS
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Compensated Temperature: 21 to 76°C (70 to 170°F)
Thermal Effects
   Zero: 0.0036% FS/°C
   Span: 0.0036% FS/°C
   <100 in-lb: SS shafts, aluminum sensor
   ≥100 in-lb: steel shaft and sensor
Overload Capacity: 150% FS
Maximum Shaft Speed: 10,000 RPM
Electrical Connection: 10-pin twist lockconnector (mating connector supplied)
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500 in-oz, 31.25 in-lb, 3.53 N-M, 3/8' shaft, 1/32' flat key
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1000 in-oz, 62.5 in-lb, 7.06 N-M, 3/8' shaft, 1/32' flat key
Disponible en: Disponible
100 in-lb, 12 N-M, 0.749 shaft, 3/16' key
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Nota: Each unit comes complete with operator's manual. The DP41-B meter will display the signal but a separate power supply is required. See Related links below for a link to the PSS-12 or PSS-15 power supplies.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) TQ514-012 12 in-lb range rotating torque sensor, MXN143,385.00  plus (1) TQ514-012 12 in-lb range rotating torque sensor, MXN143,385.00, MXN143,385.00 + 143,385.00 = MXN286,770.00
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