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1/32 DIN Dual-Zone Controllers

CN79000 Series   
1 year warranty CE
Dual Zone Controllers
CN79000 Series:1/32 DIN Dual-Zone Controllers
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Thermocouple Inputs Only
Large Dual Display
Illuminated Keypad
Free Software

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The CN79000 controller set a new standard in 1/32 DIN power, flexibility, and value. The CN79000 is a dual zone controller in the 1/32 DIN size. The CN79000 Series offers 5 thermocouple input types and each zone offers a single setpoint. Standard features include independent fuzzy logic, autotune, and peak/valley indication for each zone. RS485 Serial communication is optional.

TC Input Types Range
K -200 to 2500°F (-129 to 1371°C)
J -100 to 1600°F (-73 to 871°C)
E -100 to 1800°F (-73 to 982°C)
N -100 to 2372°F (-73 to 1300°C)
L(J DIN) -100 to 1600°F (-73 to 871°C)
Note: All thermocouple inputs can be set for 0.1° display.
If temperature goes above 999.9° or less than -199.9° the
display will return to whole degree resolution.
Inputs are not isolated, must use ungrounded thermocouples.
Display: Two 4-digit, 7 segment, 6.35 mm H (0.25") LEDs
Accuracy: ±0.25% of span, ±1 least significant digit
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac, nominal, 10 to 15%, 50 to 400 Hz
Single Phase: 132 to 240 Vdc, nominal, 10 to 20%
Power Consumption: 5 VA maximum
Operating Temperature: -10 to 55°C (14 to 131°F)
Memory Backup: Nonvolative memory, no batteries required
Control Output Ratings:
Relay (Resistive): SPST, 3 A @ 240 Vac
Relay (Inductive): 1.5 A @ 240 Vac
    Pilot Duty Rating: 250 VA, 2 A @ 120 Vac or 1 A @ 240 Vac
DC Pulse: 5 Vdc @ 20 mA (non-isolated)
Current: 4 to 20 mA
Weight: 114 g (4 oz)
Panel Cut-Out: 45 x 22 mm (1.772 x 0.874")
Maximum Panel Thickness: 6.35 mm (0.25")
Panel Depth: 111.60 mm (4.395")

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 Note: * Free CN7-A software download avaliable
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