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DialTempTM Thin Stem Pocket Thermometer

DialTemp K-79 Series   
Pocket Thermometer
DialTemp K-79 Series:DialTempTM Thin Stem Pocket Thermometer
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USD$660.00  k-79-2
Quick Response
Shock Resistant
Convenient to Use
Stainless Steel Construction
Sensitive B-Metal Element
Clear, Easy-to-Read Pointer to Dial
Unbreakable Plastic Crystal
External Reset Adjustment
Waterproof and Dustproof
Plastic Pocket Case

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This handy little Pocket Thermometer is great for spot checking temperatures accurately and quickly. The clear easy-to-read dial with pointer directly driven by the precision sensitive bi-metal helix coil gives an accurate reading every time. With head and stem of stainless steel and plastic crystal and no mercury or glass, this thermometer is virtually unbreakable. The pocket case is constructed of plastic which allows it to be securely fastened to the pocket, preventing loss, yet keeping it easily accessible. Should the need ever arise for resetting the pointer, an external adjustment feature permits simple zero reset in seconds.

This precision-built thermometer makes checking fluids, gases or semi-solids quick, easy, and exact. It can used for testing a multitude of materials in hundreds of fields, such as air conditioning, food processing, refrigeration, cookers, frozen foods, chemicals, radiators, meats, fish, fruit, incubators, milk and dairy products, dishwashers, soil, compost, water, and many other applications.

Operating Instructions
Normal Usage:

Insert stem at least 2 inches into fluids and 4 inches into gases to obtain an accurate reading. The thermometer can be handheld in most applications; however, to avoid excessive heat exposure to hand, a “holder-loop” is provided on the clip at the top of the pocket case. Insert the stem through the loop, and the case becomes a holder for the thermometer.

Semi-Solid Materials:
When inserting into semi-solid materials, such as frozen foods, soils, meat, fish, fruit, etc., hold stem firmly and insert slowly and carefully to avoid bending. Do not hold head when inserting-always hold stem.

Accuracy: 1% of scale
Head: 25 mm (1") diameter
Dial: White background with crisp letters, marks and numbers
Stem: 3.6 mm OD, 127 mm L (0.142 x 5")
Reset Nut: 11 mm (716") hex
Pocket Case: Plastic with clip and holder loop
Weight: 18.6 g (0.65 oz)
Packaging: Individually packaged
Temperature Ranges: See order chart below for choices

To Order (Specify Model Number)    
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
 K-79-2 2 Weeks   660.00    -40 to 160°F RoHS compliant
 K-79-3 4 Weeks   640.00    0 to 220°F RoHS compliant
 K-79-4 2 Weeks   660.00    25 to 125°F RoHS compliant
 K-79-5 2 Weeks   660.00    50 to 550°F RoHS compliant
 K-79-7 2 Weeks   660.00    -10 to 110°C RoHS compliant
 K-79-8 15 Weeks   660.00    0 to 150°C RoHS compliant
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Normal Usage: Insert stem at least 2 inches into fluids and 4 inches into gases to obtain an accurate reading.
 Part Number Builder

Option Descriptions
(1) Temperature Range
2 for -40 to 160°F
3 for 0 to 220°F
4 for 25 to 125°F
5 for 50 to 550°F
7 for -10 to 110°C
8 for 0 to 150°C
 NOTE: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.


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