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Parallel Pneumatic Grippers Miniature Series for Clean Room Applications

RPMC Series - Mini Parallel 2-Jaw Clean Room Gripper   
Clean Room Parallel Gripper
RPMC Series - Mini Parallel 2-Jaw Clean Room Gripper:Parallel Pneumatic Grippers Miniature Series for Clean Room Applications
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USD$18,220.00  RPMC-1M
Pneumatic Parallel Mini Gripper Available in 3 Stroke Lengths
Precision Gripper—Preloaded V Roller Bearings Eliminate Side Play Resulting in Excellent Part Positioning
Clean Room Grease and Corrosion Resistant Shields Allow for Use in Clean Room and Harsh Environments
Gripper Accuracy of 0.05 mm (0.002") and Repeatability of 0.03 mm (0.001")
Rated Grip Force @ 7 Bar (100 psi), 36 N (8 lbs)
Compact Design for Gripping Small Parts in Small Places
Rigid and Low Friction Design Allows for Longer Finger Lengths for Use on Delicate Parts
Group Multiple Grippers in Close Array Using Top Manifold Mounting Surface
Up to 5 Million Cycles in Typical Operation and 10 Million with Maintenance
Operating Temperature -35 to 80°C (-30 to 180°F)
System Requires 3 to 7 bar (5 to 100 psi) Dry Filtered (40 Micron or Better) Air Supply
Requires 4-Way, 2 Position Valve and Regulator for Delicate Parts

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RPMC Series Gripper is a miniature pneumatic parallel gripper with excellent parallelism and accuracy between the gripper mounting surface and jaw surface. Jaws are front mounted and are supported with 'Dual-V" roller bearings to provide low friction motion and are preloaded for maximum support and zero side play. RPMC Pneumatic Grippers are top mounted and have air ports on the side or top for manifold mounting to keep the air line away from the grip area. These grippers are available in stroke lengths from 3.2 to 6.3mm (0.13 to 0.25") with a gripper force of 36 N (8 lbs).

RPMC Grippers are Clean Room and Harsh Environment rated with a corrosion resistant shield to protect the drive and bearing mechanism from chips and other contaminants. All internal components are lubricated with clean room grade lubricant and the scavenger port can be used with vacuum to prevent escapement of particulate. It can also be used with pressure to repel particulate away from the gripper jaws. This pneumatic gripper is designed for class 10 clean room, FDA, and medical applications.

Pneumatic linear motion components are double acting air cylinders that require a dry air supply with filtering to 40 microns or better. For best control of pneumatic components, flow control valves (regulating out) should be installed to regulate the speed of the device.

Pneumatic Specifications
Pressure Operating Range: 3 to 7 bar (40 to 100 psi)
Cylinder Type: Double acting
Dynamic Seals: Internally lubricated Buna-N
Valve Required to Operate: 4-way, 2-position
Air Quality Requirements
Air Filtration: 40 micron or better
Air Lubrication: Not necessary*
Air Humidity: Low moisture content (dry)
Temperature Operating Range
Buna-N Seals (Standard): -35 to 80°C (-30 to 180°F)
FKM Seals (Optional): -30 to 120°C (-20 to 250°F)
Maintenance Specifications
Expected Life:
    Normal Application: 5 million cycles
    With Preventative Maintenance: 10+ million cycles*
Field Repairable: Yes
*Addition of lubrication will greatly increase service life.

Total Rated Grip Force
F @ 100 psi, 7 bar
36 N (8 lb) 36 N (8 lb) 36 N (8 lb)
Stroke 3.2 mm (0.13") 4.8 mm (0.19") 6.3 mm (0.25")
Weight 0.024 Kg (0.052 lb) 0.026 Kg (0.058 lb) 0.034 Kg (0.074 lb)
Pressure Range 3 to 7 bar (40 to 100 psi) 3 to 7 bar (40 to 100 psi) 3 to 7 bar (40 to 100 psi)
Cylinder Bore Ø 10 mm (0.394") 10 mm (0.394") 10 mm (0.394")
Displacement 0.13 cm3 (0.008"3 ) 0.20 cm3 (0.012"3 ) 0.25 cm3 (0.015"3 )
Temp Range(Standard Seals) 35 to 80°C (-30 to 180°F) -35 to 80°C (-30 to 180°F) -35 to 80°C (-30 to 180°F)
Temp Range(FKM Seals) 30 to 120°C (-20 to 250°F) -30 to 120°C (-20 to 250°F) -30 to 120°C (-20 to 250°F)
Actuation 0.10 sec 0.10 sec 0.10 sec
Accuracy ±0.05 mm (±0.002") ±0.05 mm (±0.002") ±0.05 mm (±0.002")
Repeatability ±0.03 mm (±0.001") ±0.03 mm (±0.001") ±0.03 mm (±0.001")
Valve Required to Actuate 4-way, 2-position 4-way, 2-position 4-way, 2-position

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 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
    RPMC-1M 16 Weeks   18,220.00    Pneumatic Gripper with Maximum Stroke of 3.2mm (0.13') RoHS compliant
    RPMC-2M In Stock   18,625.00    Pneumatic Gripper with Maximum Stroke of 4.8mm (0.19') RoHS compliant
    RPMC-3M 12 Weeks   19,075.00    Pneumatic Gripper with Maximum Stroke of 6.3mm (0.25') RoHS compliant
    SLKT-121 In Stock   1,425.00    Standard seal repair kit RoHS compliant
    SLKT-143V 12 Weeks   1,335.00    Top air port manifold seal kit (FKM only) RoHS compliant
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the OM-AIR-M22270403  OM-AIR-M22270403 In Stock   367.00    Mini-swivel elbow air fitting, 3M thread and 4mm tubing barb RoHS compliancy undetermined
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 Ordering Example: (1) RPMC-2M Mini gripper clean-room series with maximum stroke of 4.8 mm (0.19''), USD$18,625.00

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