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3/8 Inch(9.5mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section  - Discontinued

URPT Style   
Tubular Heater
URPT Style:3/8 Inch(9.5mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section  - Discontinued
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4400 - 6000 Watts
208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt
40 W/In2
21/8" Cold Ends
1600°F (870°C) Maximum Sheath Temperature
Component of Radiant Heater (Type URP)

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The URPT series has been discontinued. Please contact our Temperature Engineering department for a viable replacement.

• Radiant Heating in Room Ambient • Heating High Velocity Air • Low Temperature Clamp-Ons

Specially constructed to provide excellent service life in radiant heating applications.

Type 8 Terminals: Standard with threaded clip to facilitate wiring. Retaining Rings: locate elements in radiant heater assemblies. Work Temperatures: See Tubular Heater Overview section. Bending: Lengthwise only. See bending requirements bending requirements in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

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 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
 URPT-144/240V    Consult sales   4400 W, 240 Vac, 40 W/sq in, Sheath A inches (cm) 49 7/16 (126), Sheath B inches (cm) 47 3/16 (120) RoHS compliant
 URPT-444/480    Consult sales   4400 W, 480 Vac, 40 W/sq in, Sheath A inches (cm) 49 7/16 (126), Sheath B inches (cm) 47 3/16 (120) RoHS compliant

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