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What are Temperature Labels? Temperature labels are temperature monitors consisting of one or more small heat-sensitive indicators sealed under transparent, heat-resistant windows.            
21 Series
Non-Reversible Economical Labels
21 Series
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Temperature Label FAQ's
Non-Reversible or Reversible Temperature Labels?
   As implied by the name, reversible temperature labels can change back and forth as needed to provide an indication of the present temperature. One advantage of the reversible labels is that they can be used over and over again. Non-reversible temperature labels are a one time usage indication that the specified temperature has been reached. Non-reversible labels are useful in a situation where an operator is not available or does not have access to the label attached to a product under test. At any future time a non-reversible label may be examined to see if the specified temperature had been obtained.

What is a Non-Reversible Temperature Label?
   OMEGALABEL™ irreversible self adhesive temperature monitors consist of one or more heat sensitive indicators sealed under transparent, heat-resistant windows. The centers of the indicator circles will turn black at the temperature ratings shown on the label. The change to black is irreversible and registers the temperature history of the work piece. The exposed OMEGALABEL can be made part of the permanent record by removing it and affixing it to a service report. These conveniently applied and easy-to-interpret temperature indicating tabs find many industrial and military uses, as well as applications in research and development programs. The OMEGALABEL will indicate a specified temperature or sequence of temperatures. The performance of the OMEGALABEL is typically not affected by transient contact with solvents, gasoline, fuel oil, lubricants, hot water, or steam. The OMEGALABEL is particularly useful in the solution of problems, which include: monitoring the safe operating temperature of equipment and processes; determining temperatures as a guide to design and material selection in research and development projects; determining temperatures as a guide to design and material selection in research and development projects; safeguarding temperature sensitive materials in storage and transit; obtaining operating temperature data of components and regions not readily accessible to other methods. To use the OMEGALABEL, remove the backing, exposing the adhesive; press the OMEGALABEL firmly to the work surface. No special treatment is needed for the surface, although it should be clean and dry to obtain maximum adhesion.

What are Reversible Temperature Labels?
   Reversible temperature labels typically are provided as a strip with bars with specific temperatures that cover a desired range. The normally black bar associated with each printed temperature point changes color near the specified temperature. Looking at the bars on a strip, the bar for the temperature just above the actual reading would be brown. The green bar would identify the actual reading and a blue bar would be seen on the bar for the temperature just below the reading.

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