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   The Calibrator - What is this device?

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Calibration is the process of adjusting an instrument or sensor to meet its published accuracy specifications. The device used to calibrate other instruments is known as a calibrator. Calibrators vary in form, fit, and function depending on the instruments with which they are designed to work. Several different types of calibrators as shown below.

CL540 and CL540Z Series
Thermocouple Simulators: CL540 and CL540Z Series
Simulate a standard thermocouple curve over the entire industrial temperature range. Choose between eight standard T/C types or millivolts.
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   Calibrator Types
Black Body Calibrators
A black body is used to calibrate infrared pyrometers. They typically consist of a target plate that has a very high emisivity. The temperature of the target plate can be controlled to very tight tolerances. To calibrate an infrared pyrometer, the pyrometer makes a measurement of the the target plate. The controlled temperature of the plate is compared with the pyrometer reading. The pyrometer is then adjusted until the the difference is minimal. The high emissivity of the target plate minimizes emissivity errors.

BB701 Black Body Calibrator
Block Calibrators
A Block Calibrator is used for calibrating temperature probes. They contain a metal block that can be heated to a precise temperature. Temperature probes can be inserted into the block and the measured temperature of the probes can be compared with the controlled temperature of the blocks. Since temperature probes generally don't have any adjustments, this is really verification process rather than a true calibration.

CL950 Block Calibrator
Simulators, Signal References, and Signal Generators
When calibrating an instrument, such as a panel meter or temperature controller, it is necessary to input a precise known electrical signal. The instrument's display or output value can then be adjusted to match the input signal. a signal reference is used to generate the precision signal. Signal references are available as voltage references, current references and frequency references. When working with an instrument that reads a sensor, such as thermocouple, a special type of signal reference, called a simulator is used. The simulator can accurately reproduce a sensor output. Many signal references and simulators can not only generate signals but read them as well.

CL125 Thermocouple Simulator
Fluidized Sand Bath Temperature Sensor Calibrators
Fluidized baths provide safe, stable, rapid heat transfer and accurate temperature control, enabling you to efficiently and safely calibrate and maintain temperature sensitive instruments. The principle of fluidization occurs when a gas—usually low pressure air or nitrogen—flows upward through a partially-filled chamber or retort of dry, inert particles of aluminum oxide. The gas flows at a low velocity, which sets the particles in motion, separates them, then suspends them to a stable level to give the particles the appearance of turbulence quite similar to the state of boiling liquid.
Besides circulating and flowing like a liquid, fluidization solids exhibit excellent heat transfer characteristics. Temperature probes inserted into the bath come to a consistent, stable temperature very quickly.

FSB-4 Fluidized  Sand Bath
Calibration Reference Chambers - ice pointTM
The ice pointTMcalibration reference chamber employs thermoelectric cooling elements to produce a very precise stable 0°C reference chamber. Reference chambers can be used for calibrating temperature probes and are also commonly used in simulating a thermocouple signal for the calibration and verification of instruments that read thermocouples.

TRCIII-A ice point reference
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