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Anemometers & Wind Tunnels

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Portable Velocity Meters Product Finder
Image of Portable Velocity Meters Product Finder Easily find and compare portable velocity meters. Use the finder tool to view a refined list of meters with only the specifications you need.
Technical Reference - Air Velocity Indicators
Image of Technical Reference - Air Velocity Indicators Air Flow Measurement Technical Information.
CFM Indicating Anemometers
Image of CFM Indicating Anemometers Versatile, these instruments can take a wide variety of measurments, our models are lightweight and portable.
Hygro-Thermometer Anemometers
Image of Hygro-Thermometer Anemometers Portable air velocity meters with temperature, humidity as well as other functions.
Image of Thermometer/Anemometers Measure air velocity, choose from instruments with different sizes, styles, and features.
Benchtop Windtunnels
Image of Benchtop Windtunnels OMEGA makes it possible for anyone to own a wind tunnel! Benchtop sized and highly uniform choice of flow rates.
Portable Air Velocity Kits
Image of Portable Air Velocity Kits Measure air velocity anywhere, these instruments are easy to carry and feature-filled.
In-Line Flow Meters
Image of In-Line Flow Meters Monitor a variety of different measurements with these easy to install instruments.

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