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Automation Controllers and HMI

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Web-Enabled Controllers & HMI
Image of Web-Enabled Controllers & HMI Master Controllers provide high-speed communication between PLC’s, PC’s, SCADA and motion-control systems. Multi-device data logging, protocol conversion with 200+ drivers, register mapping between devices, web server and virtual HMI. Easy-To-Use software included.
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
Image of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) Standalone PLCs and touch panel PLCs.
Human Machine Interface(HMI)
Image of Human Machine Interface(HMI) Touch panel displays, web-enabled Operator Interfaces and Touch Panel PLCs.
Programmable Automation Controllers(PACs)
Image of Programmable Automation Controllers(PACs) PACs are designed for control tasks which require Industrial PC computing performance and a PLC's robustness. Well-integrated programming tools provide a flexible and easy-to-use software solution for versatile applications.
Intelligent Relays for HMI Controllers
Image of Intelligent Relays for HMI Controllers Simple to use logic controllers that replace mechanical relays and timers.
Operator Control Systems
Image of Operator Control Systems Graphical or text operator interface controllers with expandable PLCs, I/O and networking capabilities.

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