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Drives & Motors

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Motor Drives
Image of Motor Drives Sytems that control the rotation and motion of electrical motors. Available for variable frequency motors and stepper motors.
Stepper Motors
Image of Stepper Motors Robust stepper motors for precision motion control.
Motor Starters, Contactors, and Protectors
Image of Motor Starters, Contactors, and Protectors Starters, contactors, overload relays, manual protectors and control relays.
General Purpose AC Motors
Image of General Purpose AC Motors Industrial duty AC motors for general purpose use. Available in rolled steel 56C frame and cast iron “T” frame,our 3-phase motors are inverter-duty capable and can be used with our AC motor drives.
DC Motors and Controls
Image of DC Motors and Controls

Industrial duty permanent magnet DC motors designed for use with SCR controllers available in 0-90 & 0-180 Vdc. from ¼ to 2 H.P. DC motor controllers with SCR and PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) style of voltage control available in 18 & ¼ DIN panel mount or NEMA 4/4X enclosures.

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