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Flexible Heaters

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Heaters Product Finder
Image of Heaters Product Finder Easily find and compare heaters with only the specifications you need.
Silicone and Polyimide Film Flexible Heaters
Image of Silicone and Polyimide Film Flexible Heaters Rugged, reliable, accurate, and moisture/chemical-resistant. Silicone and Polyimide Film flexible heaters can be easily bonded or adhered to other system parts.
Tape and Rope Heaters
Image of Tape and  Rope Heaters The broad selection of Heat trace, heat tapes, and heating cables offered with or without a thermostat by Omega Engineering ensures proper freeze protection.
Flexible Heating Blankets
Image of Flexible Heating Blankets Prevent freeze and condensation, improve heat transfer, speed warm-ups and increase the capacity for higher watt density.
Drum Heaters and Tank Heaters
Image of Drum Heaters and Tank Heaters Drum Heaters & Tank Heaters provide anefficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control, melting of solids & maintaining materials at elevated temps.

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