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Handheld Instruments for Temperature Measurement

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Handheld Meters Product Finder
Image of Handheld Meters Product Finder Easily find and compare handheld meters. Use the finder tool to view a refined list of thermocouples with only the specifications you need.
SUPERMETER™ DMM/ Thermometers with Infrared Measurement
Image of SUPERMETER™ DMM/ Thermometers with Infrared Measurement Digital multimeter & thermometer with built-in infrared sensor and laser sighting for non-contact temperature measurement.
Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer
Image of Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer Find the thermocouple thermometer for your application. From single, dual, or multi-input handheld thermocouple thermometer that you can bring anytime anywhere.
Handheld RTD Thermometer
Image of Handheld RTD Thermometer Handheld RTD thermometers are easy to keep handy anywhere you need to record tempertature and are available with a range of options.
Handheld Thermistor Thermometer
Image of Handheld Thermistor Thermometer Handheld thermistor thermometers can be used in a wide variety of temperature measurement applications.
Handheld Dataloggers
Image of Handheld Dataloggers Why carry a pen and paper when you can record all of your readings digitally or print it out on the spot with our Printing/Logging Handheld Thermometers.
Wind Speed/Temperature Meters
Image of Wind Speed/Temperature Meters Measure air flow, humidity, dew point, wet bulb, air volume and capacity with our digital lightweight, easy to use wind speed/temperature meters.
Stick-Type/Pocket Thermometers
Image of Stick-Type/Pocket Thermometers The ultimate in portability, keep these handy where ever you need a humidity or temperature reading.
Digital Stem Thermometers
Image of Digital Stem Thermometers Digital stick-type thermometers provide an economical way to read temps in agriculture, food, heating & ventilating, auto, photography, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.
Humidity/Temperature Benchtop Meter
Image of Humidity/Temperature Benchtop Meter Benchtop meters are convenient to use in the Lab or wherever you need a portable readout.
Image of DMM/Thermometers A wide range of digital multimeters and accessories to meet almost every users needs!
Fiber Optic Temperature Instruments
Image of Fiber Optic Temperature Instruments Fiber Optic Temperature Handheld and Benchtop units ideal for Microwave and RF Type Applications

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