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General Test and Measurement Instruments

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Digital Multimeters for Heaters
Image of Digital Multimeters for Heaters A wide range of digital multimeters and accessories to meet almost every users needs!
Clamp-on Multimeters
Image of Clamp-on Multimeters Clamp-on style digital multi-meters are ideal for troubleshooting electric resistance heaters and other plant electrical systems.
ac/dc Current Probes for Heaters
Image of ac/dc Current Probes for Heaters A variety of electric current testers, including compact, non-contact, flexible, and more.
Micro and Megohmmeters
Image of Micro and Megohmmeters Portable measurement ranging between 20 to 2000 Megohms.
Handheld Gauss Meters for Heaters
Image of Handheld Gauss Meters for Heaters Ultra-portable magnetic measuring equipment.
Tachometers and Stroboscopes
Image of Tachometers and Stroboscopes Digital and laser speed measurement devices with an array of functionalities.
AC Current Transformers for Heaters
Image of AC Current Transformers for Heaters Make sure your current is correct to prevent damage to your work or valuable instruments.
ac Current & Voltage Transducers
Image of ac Current & Voltage Transducers Convert dc process signals for direct connection to data acquisition and recording systems.

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