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Process Measurement and Control Instruments

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Process Controllers and Meters
Image of Process Controllers and Meters PID controllers, panel meters for measurement and control of most process signals.
Industrial Process Timers and Timer Controllers
Image of Industrial Process Timers and Timer Controllers Industrial timers for processes requiring a timed controlled output.
Batch Controllers and Rate Indicators
Image of Batch Controllers and Rate Indicators Frequency meters, totalizers, flow indicators and batch controllers.
Digital Multimeters(DMMs)
Image of Digital Multimeters(DMMs) Handheld multimeters for measurement of most electrical signals.
Infrared Thermometers and Pyrometers
Image of Infrared Thermometers and Pyrometers Non-contact infrared temperature measurement instruments.
Ethernet/Internet Measurement Instruments
Image of Ethernet/Internet Measurement Instruments Measure process signals through the Ethernet or internet. Turn a PC into a Virtual Chart Recorder.
Signal Conditioners and Transmitters
Image of Signal Conditioners and Transmitters DIN rail mount signal conditioners and two-wire temperature/process transmitters.
Wireless Communication
Image of Wireless Communication Connect temperature sensors to an instrument wirelessly.

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