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RTD (PT100) Probes, Elements and Assemblies

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RTDs Product Finder
Image of RTDs Product Finder It's the easiest way to sort through our selection of RTDs to find the right product for your application
Sanitary Sensors for Temperature
Image of Sanitary Sensors for Temperature A complete line of temperature sanitary sensors and accessories for all your sanitary application needs. Ideal for food, pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial and research and development applications.
Quick Disconnect RTD Probes
Image of Quick Disconnect RTD Probes RTDs with integral connectors are ideal for applications requiring sensors that can be easily disconnected. These probes are typically metal sheathed and are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, RTD types, and connector styles.
General Purpose RTD Probes
Image of General Purpose RTD Probes A variety of RTD probes with multiple application uses.
Industrial RTD Probes
Image of Industrial RTD Probes These rugged designs offer a variety of protection for use in industrial applications.
RTD Elements with Lead Wires Attached
Image of RTD Elements with Lead Wires Attached All of OMEGA's RTD elements can be supplied with additional lead wire attached to existing leads. Longer leads create more flexibility for use in many applications.
Wall Mount RTD Sensor
Image of Wall Mount RTD Sensor Wall mount sensors offer a functional way to reduce clutter in your office or laboratory.
RTD Extension Cable
Image of RTD Extension Cable OMEGA offers a variety of RTD extension cables for interconnecting RTD sensors with your process instrumentation. Available in straight or retractable cable configurations, and with glass braided, PFA, PVC, PUR and other cable constructions. Connector options include M12, TA3, TA4 and MiniDin, as well as our proprietary MTP and OTP connectors.
Extruder RTD Probes
Image of Extruder RTD Probes These RTDs mount directly in the process (such as extruder heads or die adapters of injection molding machines) with sensor tip projected directly into the media. Many configurations available to meet most process requirements.
PFA Coated Probes
Image of PFA Coated Probes PFA Coated RTD Probes are the perfect solution when there is a need to measure the temperature of caustic or corrosive chemical solutions in industrial and laboratory environments.
Surface Measurement RTD Elements
Image of Surface Measurement RTD Elements Surface mount RTD temperature sensors designed to provide a practical method for measuring surface temperatures, includes cement-on and mounted designs.
Precision and Specialized RTD Probes
Image of Precision and Specialized RTD Probes Highly accurate RTD probes and sensors and specialty design for unique applications.
RTD Elements
Image of RTD Elements Thin film and ceramic wire RTD Elements are perfect for those tight work spaces when you need precise measuments.
Handle Probes for RTD
Image of Handle Probes for RTD Handle Probes are best utilized where repetitive measuring is a must. Handles offer a means for easy grasping and are available in styles of plastic or metal. Features such as Quick Disconnect, special tips, and retractable cable accommodate numerous applications.

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