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Sensors and Transducers

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Proximity Sensors
Image of Proximity Sensors Inductive proximity sensors with open collector outputs.
Displacement Sensors
Image of Displacement Sensors Displacement transducers including non-contact displacement transducers.
Pressure Transducers
Image of Pressure Transducers Models with voltage, current and millivolt output.
Pressure Switches
Image of Pressure Switches Provide a contact closure or open collector output upon reaching a pressure threshold.
Load Cells and Force Sensors
Image of Load Cells and Force Sensors Translate load or force into an electrical output.
Infrared Temperature Sensors
Image of Infrared Temperature Sensors Non-contact temperature sensors. Used in applications where the sensor must be isolated from the measurement surface.
Resistance Temperature Detectors(RTDs)
Image of Resistance Temperature Detectors(RTDs) RTD probes are precision temperature sensors that work particularly well in electrically noisy environments.
Thermocouples and Thermocouple Probes
Image of Thermocouples and Thermocouple Probes Ruggedized thermocouples well suited for industrial environments.
Thermocouple Wire
Image of Thermocouple Wire Spools of thermocouple wire.
Limit Switches
Image of Limit Switches Limit Switches are an important part of a machine control system. They are typically mounted along the path of a moving part and activate when a given point of travel is reached.
Photoelectric and Fiber Optic Sensors
Image of Photoelectric and Fiber Optic Sensors Photoelectric and Fiber Optic sensors detect objects through the use of light and feature the longest sensing ranges. OMEGA provides a full line of photoelectric and fiber optic sensors to solve virtually any sensing application.
Flow and Level Sensors
Image of Flow and Level Sensors Flow and Level switches for measuring liquids or dry materials, with current, millivolt or relay outputs.
Image of Encoders Industrial rotary encoders and length sensors provide precision motion control feedback for processes requiring the need to measure and control speed, position and distance.

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