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Temperature & Process Meters, Industrial Timers and Counters

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Meters Product Finder
Image of Meters Product Finder It's the easiest way to sort through our selection of meters to find the right product for your application
Meters with Programmable Multicolored Displays
Image of Meters with Programmable Multicolored Displays Quickly identify various output readings with these digital faced controllers/meters, with programmable colors.
Temperature/Process Panels Meters
Image of Temperature/Process Panels Meters A variety of 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 DIN microprocessor controllers with a wide range of features and functions.
Image of Totalizers Counters, multifunction meters, batch meters/controllers, rate indicators, totalization, multi-input for various inputs and configurations.
Large Displays
Image of Large Displays Big Display Meters and controllers with colored displays offer easy viewing in most applications even from long distances. Available up to 4” height LED’s.
Multi-Input Indicators and Scanners
Image of Multi-Input Indicators and Scanners If you have multiple process/temperature inputs you need to display on one device look no further. Multiple channel meters minimize clutter and maximize convenience in one display device.
Benchtop Meters for Temperature
Image of Benchtop Meters for Temperature A Bench Top meter is the ideal portable meter that can easily set-up at your workstation. We offer many styles to support single to multiple inputs.
Wall Mount Indicators
Image of Wall Mount Indicators Wall Mount Meters offer the convenience of easily locating your display device without the need for a panel cut-out.
Solar-Powered and Analog Meters
Image of Solar-Powered and Analog Meters These meters require no AC or DC power to operate and are either self/signal powered or solar powered.
Industrial Timers and Counters for Temperature
Image of Industrial Timers and Counters for Temperature If you are looking to outfit your control panel with a counter or timer with a display consider our timers and counters that deliver functionality at competitive prices.
Meter and Controller Accessories
Image of Meter and Controller Accessories From audible alarms/Annunciators, to panel punches, splash proof covers, selector switches and SSR’s (Solid State Relays), we have the accessory to complete your process system installation.
Loop Powered Indicators for Meters
Image of Loop Powered Indicators for Meters Two-Wire current-loop meters are powered by milliamp (mA) process signals with no need for external power connections. This reduces field wiring costs and provides immunity from most electrical noise encountered in process control environments.

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