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Test Meters - Temperature Measurement

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Handheld Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers
Image of Handheld Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers A wide range of handheld, non-contact thermometers for use in many applications and with multiple calibrations compatibilities.
Handheld Temperature Meters
Image of Handheld Temperature Meters Handheld thermometers can go anywhere and are offered with a variety of different options and functions.
Panel Meter Accessories
Image of Panel Meter Accessories From audible alarms/Annunciators, to panel punches, splash proof covers, selector switches and SSR’s (Solid State Relays), we have the accessory to complete your process system installation.
Pocket Thermometer Testers
Image of Pocket Thermometer Testers Digital stick-type thermometers provide an economical way to read temps in agriculture, food, heating & ventilating, auto, photography, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.
Precision Benchtop Meters
Image of Precision Benchtop Meters A Bench Top meter is the ideal portable meter that can easily set-up at your workstation. We offer many styles to support single to multiple inputs.
Stick Type Test Meters
Image of Stick Type Test Meters The ultimate in portability, keep these handy where ever you need a humidity or temperature reading.
Temperature Panel Meters
Image of Temperature Panel Meters A variety of 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 DIN microprocessor controllers with a wide range of features and functions.

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