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Thermistor Elements, Probes and Assemblies

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Quick Disconnect Thermistor Probes
Image of Quick Disconnect Thermistor Probes Thermistors with integral connectors are ideal for applications requiring sensors that can be easily disconnected. These probes are typically metal sheathed and are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, thermocouple types, and connector styles.
General Purpose Thermistor Probes
Image of General Purpose Thermistor Probes A variety of thermistor probes with multiple application uses.
Wall Mount Thermistor Sensor
Image of Wall Mount Thermistor Sensor Wall mount sensors offer a functional way to reduce clutter in your office or laboratory.
Thermistor Elements with Lead Wires Attached
Image of Thermistor Elements with Lead Wires Attached All of OMEGA's thermistor elements can be supplied with additional lead wire attached to existing leads. Longer leads create more flexibility for use in many applications.
Surface Measurement Thermistor Elements
Image of Surface Measurement Thermistor Elements
Surface mount thermistor temperature sensors designed to provide a practical method for measuring surface temperatures, includes cement-on and mounted designs.
Precision and Specialized Thermistor Probes
Image of Precision and Specialized Thermistor Probes Highly accurate thermistor probes and sensors and specialty design for unique applications.
Solid State Temperature Sensors
Image of Solid State Temperature Sensors Convert temperature input into a proportional current output.
Thermistor Elements
Image of Thermistor Elements Thermistor elements are commonly used when space is very limited because of their compact size. They vary not only in form factor but also in their resistance versus temperature characteristics.
Laboratory Sensors
Image of Laboratory Sensors Specialty Thermistor sensors to meet your precise measuring application requirements.
Handle Probes for Thermistor
Image of Handle Probes for Thermistor Handle Probes are best utilized where repetitive measuring is a must. Handles offer a means for easy grasping and are available in styles of plastic or metal. Features such as Quick Disconnect, special tips, and retractable cable accommodate numerous applications.
Industrial Probes
Image of Industrial Probes Industrial probes utilize heavy duty features ranging from pipe plug, joint style, miniature, and other rugged designs to enable use in industrial/continuous use environments.
Image of Instrumentation A variety of meters, controllers, and sensors with multiple functions and options to display thermistor readings.

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