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Vortex Shedding Flow Meters and Pitot Tubes

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How to Choose a Vortex Meter or Pitot Tube?
Image of How to Choose a Vortex Meter or Pitot Tube? Use this questionnaire to find the right Vortex/Pitot Tube for your application.
Vortex Flow Meters
Image of Vortex Flow Meters A vortex flow meter is suitable for flow rate or flow totalization measurements in industrial grade, brass or all plastic models. Its sensitivity to variations is low in process conditions and low wear relative to other types of flow meters. It is indicated for low initial maintenance costs. Vortex meters are custom built as they require appropriate sizing for different applications. Contact our Engineering department after choosing one of the vortex flow meters avalable.
High Accuracy Pitot Tubes
Image of High Accuracy Pitot Tubes Measure clean, low viscosity liquids, gases and steam in a variety of piping systems and pipe sizes, easy, low-cost installation and maintenance.
Multifunction Flow Computers
Image of Multifunction Flow Computers Versatile flow computers, user programmable from the front panel, models have a variety of options.

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