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Wire: Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor and Hook-Up

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Electronic Hook-Up Wire
Image of Electronic Hook-Up Wire Common applications include military harnessing, medical electronics, power supply lead wire and appliance wiring
Uninsulated Bare Fine Gage Thermocouple Wire
Image of Uninsulated Bare Fine Gage Thermocouple Wire High quality fine gage wire for precision applications sold individually, pairs, or in kits.
Resistance Heating Wire
Image of Resistance Heating Wire Nickel-Chrome resistence wire for use in high-temperature applications.
Ceramic Sleeving and PFA Tubing
Image of Ceramic Sleeving and PFA Tubing Protect wires from the harsh elements.
Insulated, Single Strand Thermocouple Wire
Image of Insulated, Single Strand Thermocouple Wire Fine gage single strand thermocouple wire is available in 50, 100, 500 and 1000 ft. spools.
Thermocouple & RTD Wire
Image of Thermocouple & RTD Wire OMEGA offers the highest quality thermocouple and RTD wire at reasonable prices in a variety of wire sizes, insulation and spool lengths.
Extension Wire
Image of Extension Wire Practical for use in connecting between a thermocouple sensor and a readout, extension wire comes in as large a variety as our thermocouple wire.
Wire Overbraiding
Image of Wire Overbraiding Extend the life of your thermocouple, overbraid any thermocouple wire with either Inconel 600, 304 SS or Tinned Copper overbraiding.
Extension Cables
Image of Extension Cables Thermocouple and RTD extension cables are available in a variety of connector and jacket configurations to make connections between process and instrumentaion easy. Omega offers straight wire as well as retractable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)cable style wire.
Multipair Cables
Image of Multipair Cables Common extension wire types wrapped together in an external jacket. This allows for many connections to be made at one point then passed via one larger cable. Pairs are marked accordingly for easy identification at each end.
OMEGACLAD™ Mineral Insulated Cable
Image of OMEGACLAD™ Mineral Insulated Cable Super Omegaclad sheathing has excellent resistance to air at high temperatures and is popular for its resistance to hydrogen gas and its high strength at high temperatures.
Heater Hook-Up Wire
Image of Heater Hook-Up Wire Ideal for appliances, consumer and commercial heating and cooling equipment, ovens, kilns, band, strip and cartridge heaters, and similar high temperature applications.

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